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04/20/14, 04:09 PM   #21
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Ai - good to know. Seems like the Wiki is already being updated quite a bit. As my GFX-Card has just somewhat broken down I do have a few days spare time to waste as well ... I'll see what I can provide (or not).
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04/21/14, 09:07 AM   #22
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Found some sweet new events. But they need to be tested for being still avaliable and not private/potected before adding them to wiki.

Lua Code:
  1. EVENT_ARTIFACT__STATE  = function(artifactName, keepId, playerName, playerAlliance, Event, State, campaignId)
  2.  EVENT_CORPSE_SUMMON_LOCATION_SET  = function(keepId)
  3.  EVENT_CRAFTING_FAILED  = function(reason)
  4.  EVENT_DECONSTRUCTING_FAILED  = function(reason)
  5.  EVENT_GUILD_MEMBER_ACHIEVEMENT_AWARDED  = function(characterName, achievementId, achievementLink)
  6.  EVENT_HARVEST_RANK_TOO_LOW  = function(requiredTradeskillName, requiredRank)
  7.  EVENT_HARVEST_WRONG_TRADESKILL  = function(requiredTradeskillName)
  8.  EVENT_IGNORE_ADDED  = function(displayName)
  9.  EVENT_IGNORE_REMOVED  = function(displayName)
  10.  EVENT_LOOT_MONEY  = function(quantity)
  11.  EVENT_NOT_TRAINED_IN_CRAFTING_SKILL  = function(craftingSkillName)
  12.  EVENT_OBJECTIVE__STATE  = function(keepId, objectiveId, bgContext, objectiveName, objectiveType, event, state, param, param)
  13.  EVENT_QUEUE_INFORMATION  = function(queueType, msg, name)
  14.  EVENT_REFINEMENT_FAILED  = function(reason)
  15.  EVENT_REFORGING_FAILED  = function(reason)
  16.  EVENT_RESURRECT_ON_LEVEL_UP  = function()
  17.  EVENT_SIEGE__ANOTHER_PLAYER  = function(siegeName)
  18.  EVENT_SKILL_POINTS_CHANGED  = function(oldPoints, newPoints, skyshard)
  19.  EVENT_SOUL_HEALED  = function()
  20.  GUILD_EVENT_ITEM_SOLD  = function(eventType, seller, buyer, quantity, itemLink, price)
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05/05/14, 06:04 PM   #23
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The documentation for the events now starts with an explanation of how to use them and shows the event code is the first parameter followed by the signature. Personally, it would be rather redundant to keep stick event code in there for all the events.

I am rather curious though how you use myobj:OnAddonLoaded to actually handle the event. I'm just at a loss as to a practical example of that. So I would appreciate if someone could show a practical example where that's actually useful.
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