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Alpha: ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker)

ACTCombatLogging Addon + ACT Plugin for combat logging.

ALPHA: This is alpha because it is very user un-friendly currently. But it can be used to investigate mechanics. Plus it needs more log files to validate with.

1) Log files must be hand edited before imported into ACT.
2) Log file are only written to file once you logout of ESO.
3) Log files can use up all your memory and effect game performance if you leave them running.
4) I'm not on PTS so I can not do any more testing, and it needs lots more.

Howto Use:
1) Figure it out on your own for now. No support for this version. It is just not ready if you don't know what your doing.
2) Install ACT from http://advancedcombattracker.com/download.php
3) Manually install the ESO ACT plugin from the github at https://github.com/nilsbrummond/ESO-ACT-Plugin - the ElderScrollsOnline.cs file is the plugin. Make sure it is the raw text file and not marked up for web display.
4) Manually install the ESO Addon for combat logging from the github at https://github.com/nilsbrummond/ESO-ACT-CombatLogging - Make a directory called ACTCombatLog in your ESO Addons directory and copy the raw unmarkedup files there.
5) Go do some combat in game and then logout.
6) Edit the file ../Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/SavedVariables/ACTCombatLog.lua
7) delete every line not in the "combatlog" section.
8) edit every line in the "combatlog" section to delete everything not between the [[ ... ]]. This includes the [[, ]], and leading white space.
9) save the file as CombatLog.log in your ../Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Logs/ directory.
10) import the file into ACT.

Sample log file format:

13194123 *PLYR:Lodur Stormsen:Stormhaven:0.01
13194158 *CMBT:EffectGained:Offensive Scroll Bonus I:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:0:Invalid:Generic
13401419 *CMBT:EffectGainedDuration:Crystal Fragments Passive:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:8000:Invalid:Generic
13401419 *CMBT:EffectGained:Inner Light:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:0:Invalid:Generic
13406050 *CMBT:EffectGainedDuration:Crystal Fragments Passive:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:8000:Invalid:Generic
13406050 *CMBT:EffectGainedDuration:Annulment:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:20000:Invalid:Generic
13407570 *CMBT:EffectFaded:Crystal Fragments Passive:NormalAbility::None:Lodur Stormsen:Player:8000:Invalid:Generic
13407570 *CMBT:EffectGained:Crystal Fragments:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:0:Invalid:Magic
13408366 *CMBT:Heal:Blood Magic:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:20:Magicka:Generic
13408366 *CMBT:Damage:Crystal Fragments:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:200:Magicka:Magic
13408366 *CMBT:EffectGainedDuration:Cystal Shard Stun:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:2000:Invalid:Generic
13408366 *CMBT:Stunned:Cystal Shard Stun:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:0:Invalid:Generic
13408984 *CMBT:EffectGainedDuration:Heavy Attack (Restoration):HeavyAttack:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:1600:Invalid:Magic
13408984 *CMBT:Begin:Heavy Attack (Restoration):HeavyAttack:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:1600:Invalid:Magic
13408984 *CMBT:EffectGainedDuration:Crusher:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:5000:Invalid:Generic
13409253 *CMBT:DotTick:Heavy Attack (Restoration):HeavyAttack:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:32:Magicka:Magic
13409921 *CMBT:DotTick:Heavy Attack (Restoration):HeavyAttack:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:32:Magicka:Magic
13410623 *CMBT:DotTick:Heavy Attack (Restoration):HeavyAttack:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Midnight Union Sentry:None:32:Magicka:Magic
13410623 *CMBT:PowerEnergize:Heavy Attack (Restoration):HeavyAttack:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:83:Magicka:Generic
13411985 *CMBT:EffectFaded:Crystal Fragments Passive:NormalAbility::None:Lodur Stormsen:Player:0:Invalid:Generic
13411987 *CMBT:EffectGained:Tri Focus:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:0:Invalid:Generic
13411987 *CMBT:EffectGained:Penetrating Magic:NormalAbility:Lodur Stormsen:Player:Lodur Stormsen:Player:0:Invalid:Generic
13414276 *CMBT:DamageShielded:Annulment:NormalAbility:Midnight Union Sentry:None:Lodur Stormsen:Player:35:Invalid:Generic
13414276 *CMBT:Damage:Quick Strike:NormalAbility:Midnight Union Sentry:None:Lodur Stormsen:Player:31:Magicka:Physical
And Enjoy:

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