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[For addon devs: Soon removed/replaced addons/libraries]

Hello addon devs,

the following addons/libraries will be removed or replaced:

Addon/Library name - Date of change
LibLoadedAddOns - 2021-12
-> Removed, as it is obsolete since the manifest txt file's tag ## AddOnVersion: <unsigned integer> was added and can be referenced in the ##(Optional)DependsOn: tags

If you want to add any to this list please write me a private message with the link to your addon comments and the date you wish to remove it.
Please write a proper comment in that addon/library then so your users/other devs are informed.
If possible search your live/AddOns folder for the addons using that lib too and inform the devs of the addons you find via pm here or www.gitter.im/esoui/esoui (if they are not there at least many other devs are and would be able to forward it).

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