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I get this error when unlocking new skills

Hello, I have had this issue for maybe two months where when I put points into skills (not passives), I cant navigate or exit the skills menu. I cant even switch between my primary and secondary skill bar and have to reload my UI. I finally decided to address this and I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

The error reads as follows:

Error: 1A7BE73B

bad argument #4 to 'string.format' (string expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'string.format'
/EsoUI/Libraries/Globals/globalapi.lua:200: in function 'zo_iconFormat'
(tail call): ?
(tail call): ?
/EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:319: in function 'GetKeybindDescriptorDebugIdentifier'
/EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:331: in function 'ZO_KeybindStrip:HandleDuplicateAddKeybind'
/EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:380: in function 'ZO_KeybindStrip:AddKeybindButton'
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It does not tell anything about an addon so either this is an error in base game code (which obviously others would have too then) or any of your addons is causing it.

Use an addon like AddonSelector to save your current enabled addons as a pack/profile.
Then disable the bottom half of your addons (and the non needed libraries too) and test again.
If the error is still there, disable the half of that bottom half again and test again.
And repeat until you find the addon in charge.

You can use the SHIFT key to mass enable/disable addons, via AddonSelector. Click the 1st addon you want to change and set the state e.g. disabled then scroll to the last addon you want to change and SHIFT+click it.
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