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Best way to level a dragonknight - Guide

video tutorial:

weapon mode:
Dual wield

Twin Slashes(Blood Craze morph, heals you)
Razor Armor(Razor Armor morph)
Searing Strike(Burning Embers morph, heals you)
Burning Talons(Burning Talons morph, if you want to tank later on go with Choking Talons morph instead)

Dragonknight Standard

Burning Embers -> Blood Craze -> Flurry -> dead monster, you should be at full life still and will be able to move onto the next pack/monster instantly. No downtime, but most damage output build.

Why use over 2h or 1h+shield? You'll have enough skill points to effectively use all 3 weapon combinations. 2H feels to be the over whelming easy choice for PvP (between charge + uppercut) and 1h+shield is the obvious choice for tanking(taunt and damage mitigation). Some people ask is 2H good for PVE. At least at the lower levels I will have to say no. The skills have a wind up time or cool down which leaves you open to dying if you miss or dont kill in a few swings. Also you regain so much life and do so much more sustained and overall damage with dual wield that it makes it the easy leveling up choice.

When you want to PvP just switch to a 2H weapon and change the skills up. When you want to tank just switch to 1h + shield. The skills I go over in the video are universal skills for the most part for dragonknight that you should be getting regardless of what you plan to do at 50, with the exception of maybe searing strike.
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Hey man - great demo. I'm new to ESO but played WoW for the better part of a decade. Just a general question - can you respec later on. Primarily I want to tank but don't want to be locked into a character because of decisions early on. Would it be better to focus on earthen heart and supplement or will leveling be a snails pace?

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You can respec. It's not particularly cheap, but it's easily doable.
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