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Recreating the thane?

One of my favorite classes from an mmo was the thane from DAoC. I always like playing hybrid classes but when looking at the dragonknight and templar neither really interested me much. So i started looking at the sorcerer and going with heavy armor, 2handed weapon and storm calling.

I did not get in the beta so for those of you who did could anyone share if they think it would be viable. The following is a rough build based on what information I could find online and using the builder. I did not pick any passive or distribute all the possible points. Just want to know what people think of the concept and any first hand information that could help when the game is released.


There are two questions:
1) how does momentum match up against energy overload? Do there damage bones scale based on stamina or magica?

2) Could bolt escape morphed into streak be a viable "charge" to change out for critical charge?
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The Thane was my main also, played DAoC for 6 years and loved it. Its hard to recreate the Thane in ESO, you could with a destruction staff I suppose, but that doesnt fit the Thane motif.
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