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Battle Sorcerer Build help

Hey everyone, below is my battle sorcerer build


The question I have for you all is. Should I go Khajit or breton/high elf. The reason I ask this is that they changed the racial 'carnage' for khajit to be (at base) 4% crit with melee. The number 4 ability on my dual weapons skill bar enchants my weapon to heal me for 65% of the crit dmg so more crits mean more heals.
If I run khajit I'm risking a mana pool problem and extra dmg for my weapon swap (High elf passive). I'm looking at going 5 medium armour, 2 light armour, but I don't think I need the extra 10% attack speed (which is given for 5 pieces of medium armour) is really needed, but how can you go past all that crit, and light armour passives give magicka regen (which is needed more).

What are your thoughts on this?
I was also not sure about the second weapon resto staff... I think it has some viability in PvE but apart from that the number 1 ability might be a little useless.
Any suggestions are appreciated on this topic or even on the build itself.

Thanks in advance.
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04/07/14, 11:43 AM   #2
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I like high elf for mana skills.
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