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cryptic 272
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Templar bruiser build PS4

I've been trying to build a warrior build for solo play. I have almost no experience on MMO's or resource management. But I decided to go pick up this game from the store on PS4 when it first came out and the first ever character I made was a DK. I got all the way to end game a notice I was doing much worse than most of the friends I had made along the way. At first I thought it was just a simple matter of tuning out my skills and attribute points. Some 20 respecs later I was doing alright in PvE and decided to go test my build out in some PvP. I had rarely played it and did terrible. I thought it was low level and had to wait for better skills. Anyways after I came back this is were I ran into resource management. My build kept starving on resources and eventually death (and yes I understand PvP and PvE are two totally different things). I eventually decided to make a new character. Thus my Templar was born. I think he is the closest I've come to ever being semi-good at this game as I barely understand MMOs. I've looked all over the internet for builds deciding that i should copy paste one to learn from it, but I can never find one that suits my playstyle (solo warrior). Now this is where I'm PLANNING to go with this build, but seeing as my other five characters failed I thought I'd leave it here to get some constructive criticism on it and hopefully some tips. Here is the PLAN:

Bar #1 (one hand and shield):

1: Ritual of Rebirth

2: Channeled Focus

3: Luminous Shards

4: Puncturing Sweep

5: Radiant Oppression

U: ? (opinions welcome)

Bar #2 (destruction staff):

1: Toppling charge

2: Blazing Shield

3: Purifying light

4: Repentance

5: ? (opinions welcome)

U: ? (opinions welcome)

Also any tips on making builds and resource management are HIGHLY appreciated. Thanks.
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I created this build, the stats are random only look at the skills.
I've been playing with the melee part and i rarely die, when played corectly you are both a tank, ranged dps and healer.

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