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Exclamation Help! Need to be an overpowered godlike DK Tank for PvE

Hi everyone;

Am hoping someone can help me out; sick and tired of getting wasted in PvE...am trying to get a good tank build but so far some of the builds i've used online aren't the best and i tend to get slaughtered fairly easily...

would love to basically be rolling around like a god 1 hitting those crappy monsters around tamriel...anyone know of a build that could basically help me do this?

would greatly appreciate any and all advice/build strats etc.

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04/27/16, 01:16 AM   #2
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Beeing undefeatable and 1hitting enemies in 1 person... not possible :-)

If you want to play a tank msot of the "modern" tanks are playing with a magicka build as a DK now, using fire damagee skills were needed.
But you won't be a good tank if you do much damage AND are able to stand in a mob group for hours.

My last tank expereiences were stamina based but as they removed the stamina regen buff if you are blocking this was impossible to play. So currently they use magicka skills, a huge magicka base and regen and filling up their stamina pool by using te passive skills of the DK skill lines (using magicka skills to activate the skills + getting pasive regen bobus etc.)

A tank that I truest told me that she will be able to be infight with bosses for a very long time without getting much heal. But she isn't doing any noticeable damaga (maximum about 7-10k depending on boss's resistances against magicka skills).

So I'd decide for my self if I want to be a long living tank, or if I want to be a 1hit monster.
For the later play the DK with magicka skills, destruction fire staff and fire skills and spend your champion points into attack skills, crit chance etc. and use 5x light armor.

If you want to be a real tank go and find a skill online with magicka build (maybe this is ok for you: http://tamrielfoundry.com/topic/magi...k-the-spectre/) , heavy armor parts and sets and play with a 2hd weapon during leveling to do some damage (or a deconstruction satff maybe as well).
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04/27/16, 01:49 AM   #3
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I playing a Nightblade stamina tank (because is originallly a stamina dd) with resist/def at 50% and 25k stamina + 2900 stamina reg. I never get out of stamina and have enough magicka to keep up my buffs.
The healing could be better with a magicka build, but i use Momentum and can spam PvP Heal.
The trick is, to only block shortly if neccessary and not standing like a shielded statue, to keep the stamina regeneration.
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04/28/16, 05:22 PM   #4
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Thanks for some advice...I am currently playing Shield and Sword, Dragon Knight - High Elf, with all Heavy Armour...I've invested most of my attribute points into stamina, with roughly 10-15 points into health; none in magicka...

I can stand for a little while against some bosses but for the most part I get rolled fairly easily; and I cannot stress how much of a Noob I am to PvE or PvP...I don't really understand much of the terminology of ESO.

I don't think there is a Ultimate Tank Build for Dummies out there but if anyone else knows of an amazing tank build where you can stand against a boss and not have to worry about someone else healing you while you gradually beat the boss down please let me know; I'd be forever grateful and hey if it actually works out really well in-game then I'd grab your @name and send you a hefty payment of gold !
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Good tips!Thanks!
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