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Best choices to make?

Hi all.
To be honest I'm pretty much a noob in ESO... I have only played skyrim but none of the other elder scrolls.
I would like to make a High elf because they have increased xp with dual wield and I really like that.
But I have no idea what faction to choose or what other skill lines to upgrade...
I read some topics and came out by the altmer but I don't know if it's the best for me.
I don't like ranged or 2h, I just want to switch between dual wield and some magic spells with the destruction staff.
I was hoping you guys could give me some tips on how to spend my skill points except from dual wield because I already looked into that.

Yeah I'm dutch so sorry for my bad English and I hope this topic is in the right area...

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Which faction you choose is all the same, you will start which each "alliance" in a different area, but after 50 you'll get to the other areas, e.g. I choose the pact cause I played a lot of morrowind and I'm in with the tribunal/dunmer badass unicorns. Its up to you. The increased XP with dual wield, will just affect the XP you get with the weapon (up to level 50, its not that useful) you will get without that 15% the dual wield to 50 @ character level 50 If you want to play DW/DestructionStaff, you should wear 5x Medium and 2x Light Armor, skill all passives in Medium Armor and Light Armor just that ones which dont need 5x Light Armor (IMO).

My suggestion would be to skill your attributes 1/2/1, some magicka for your opening spells, and stamina to get in and assasinate with ultraspeed daggers the health for sustain.

I'm playing a nord NB with 1/2/1 ish, a bit more stamina than magicka, but I play Bow/DW.. This game is so individual, you cant do that bad If you're not confident with your skills, you can reset your skills @ around level 15 for not that much gold.
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