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Loot Timer

I'm looking for an add-on to be made that would be a timer that hooks into an event of looting a recipe, furnishing plan, or motif of blue or above, that would then countdown for 15 minutes.

When you loot such an item, or even open a container that contains such item thus activating the loot table, it activates a background timer in game that prevents you from looting another such item of blue, purple, or gold status for approximately 15 minutes, lovingly referred to by thieves as a "loot timer." When farming for certain plans or motifs, this is annoying and slows things down as you have to stop and wait.

Ideally, I would prefer a non-obtrusive timer, in a box, that could be dragged and placed wherever I please (like the craftstore icon), and that self-activates upon such an event, and then would sound a ding of some kind when the timer was done.

I don't know how possible this is, but if possible, I would love it.

If NOT possible, I would like to see "Personal Timer" raised from the dead and altered if possible to do the things above, but when a button is clicked by the user, as it is currently coded. It could then be used for multiple things, but I would LOVE to see my dream add-on up there created.

Thanks for your time and effort in advance! <3
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What is ot working with personal timer? I had used it last month.
It's just outdated but worked for me, so just enable the checkbox ingame "allow out of date addons" or change the personaltimer.txt file and raise the APIversion tag to:
## APIVersion: 100030
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