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Hi Cairenn and thank you, Dolby and anyone else having a hand in this websyte and forum! Looking forward to a far-reaching, fortuitous and fun frakking time. Happy modding, and good hunting!


Originally Posted by Cairenn View Post
Welcome everyone! We are very excited to be able to open the doors on ESOUI!

I'll go ahead and start. Many of you will know me from our other sites, but for the rest of you:

Hi, my name is Cairenn. I am one of the founders and admins on our group of sites. We (myself & Dolby) have been running interface sites for the MMORPG community since 2002. We currently have 6 sites with this being our 11th, covering 12 games. You can find links to our other sites in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Before anyone asks - yes I am an honest-to-goodness female. Still somewhat of a rarity in the MMORPG world I know, but there are a few of us around. I've been a fan of Interface "modding" ever since my introduction to it with EverQuest and my enjoyment of the communities that we create for those of like interests has only continued to grow over the years that I've been involved with it. I am the 'face' of the site, taking care of all of the front end requirements on a site like this; taking care of you guys (our authors and users), being the liaison between our sites and the respective game companies, etc.

So, enough about me. Allow me to take this moment to give you a brief introduction to my partner in crime. Dolby is the other founder and administrator on the site. He's the one that takes care of all of the coding and such needed to keep the site running smoothly.

Everyone, please do feel free to say "hi" and introduce yourselves.
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