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Nightblade attribute points [PvE based]

Hey folks,

I'm vet1 and playing Bow/DW with 1/2/1 attribute build. It's very fun to play with but I want to get some other opinions and suggestions.

What do you think about a full stamina, or some sort of 1/1/2? Maybe just a bunch of points in magicka?

in my opinion its not that effective to play with a load of magicka spells as a bow.
DW same, I dont use any gapclosing, Swallow Soul -> Veiled Strike for Armor reduction -> Blood Craze (Bleed) -> Rapid Strikes (lightspeed stabbing) -> Auto Attack -> Impale for execute.

Im very confident with that, just read some posts about "NB is hardest @ vet ranks OH MY GOSH"
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