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Do DDS file work under macOS?

Closed and moved to: AddOn Help/Support

For some time destination and some other addons stopped working under macOS. Most notably the icons where not displayed.

It did work in the past and other player reported no problems. So I started to look around the program and noticed the DDS files. Looking up DDS it seem an image format for DirectX. Of course no DirectX on the Mac.

Could that be a problem? Will converting the images and patching the lua files help?

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To answer my own question: macOS can't load DDS files and converting them to PNG and patching the lua Flles does work.
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Arrow Or could it be only the new Direct3D 10 format

I correct myself (again). PNG won't work either. What I noticed is that QuestMap has two icon sets. One set that work and one that does not. The sets are defined like this:


Quest Map
by CaptainBlagbird


QuestMap.iconSets = {
    QuestMap = {"QuestMap/icons/pinQuestUncompleted.dds", "QuestMap/icons/pinQuestCompleted.dds"},
    ESO = {"/esoui/art/floatingmarkers/quest_available_icon.dds", "/esoui/art/icons/achievements_indexicon_quests_down.dds"},
The 2nd set works. I have been looking for the files mentioned but could not find them anywhere. But I noticed that those file too are DDS files. I suspect they are part of the system.

Looking deeper I noticed that with Direct3D 10 the DDS format was changed / extended.

So could it be that macOS can't load the newest format? And how can I could I convert them to an older format?
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