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add-ons not showing as updated in-game

hi all,

I have a simple question about add-ons updated in minion, yet not showing as being updated in-game while live in ESO

I have a few add-ons I've been managing for years in Minion, all good here

via minion, I also update, automatically and/or manually all the add-ons I have

now in particular, Feb-March 2024, all the add-ons I have in minion show as properly updated, as such, there is no need for an update, and they work fine in-game

yet, while I'm in-game, logged in ESO most of the add-ons that I have installed and are working just fine by my standards, show as not being updated

so in minion I don't see anything that needs to be updated, yet in-game some show that needs an update

so, I'm simply confused, why is this happening?

and what do I need to do on my end, if anything, to have an accurate status showing in-game of what is updated and what might need an update?
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You would just upload your addons with an updated API version in the txt, so 101041 would be the api version after tomorrows patch. I think that is what you are asking?
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Well, this question about "needs an update" or "outdated" addons was aswered like 1000000 times meanwhile here, at Google and other platforms, official ESO forums and so on...

Here is the info you hopefully were searching for from the AddOn Help/Support forums, and not able to find yourself

What you have to do:
Either spend ours by manipulating addon's txt files locally on your harddisk, like dakjaniels wrote (partially; he said "uplaod" but I guess you meant you do no want to uplaod an addon but update it as you are a user, not a dev), to make the inagme UI show you" All is updated", but othign really changed then except that txt entry that does not say anything about an addon's actual functionality.

Or: Ignore the ingame "not updated" warning and just play! Save your time and just use it as long as you get no error messages.
Ignore whatever ZOs decided to show there as "outdated" or "old" or "not updated" as it's nothing that tells you if addons work, or not.

If Minion shows an update: Update! This fixes or adds new features.
Read the changelog of addons before updating so you know what was changed (fixes/new features) and maybe skip that update if you do not nee any new features. But basically updating is always a good idea, if Minion provides an update. One never knows what the updates contains as fixes that were not mentioned in the changelog

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