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G.T. Gizra
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Minion stopped working.

I am having issues with my addons. My Minion shows that it is pointing to the correct folder
on my laptop and it even shows updates happening on the options page. Since I downloaded the
new minion all my addons have stopped working. I should also note that I also turned off my
systems access to OneDrive before this started happening, and have since turned it back on in
an attempt to see if that was what caused this nonsense in the first place but that didn't help.
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Turning on OneDrive'S feature to sync your "Documents" will most probably make Minion and/or ESO not work properly anymore (at least it could block Minion from updating and make your ESO SavedVariables [Addon settings] not save/load properly anymore.
The reason is that OneeDrive syncs the files in your documents folder (and so documents/Elder Scrolls Online too) to the cloud and thus blocks the files for read/write access during that time. If ESO or Minion try to access the files then they are blocked.
Or OneDrive detects any changed files and syncs them back from the clodu to your local documents folder, overwriting changes that ESO or Minion did in between.

So do no turn that OneDrive feature on (other OneDrive features like syncing normal OneDrive folder should work fine, only the user's "Dcouments" folder sync should be turned off!

To your problem: Please read this similar thread of this week:

I've asked there with this post if the user has uninstalled the files properly before updating Minion, so please do that the same way and try if it fixes the problem:

Else, please read the troubleshooting guide here and check the steps, maybe your Antivirus is blocking something, so allow Minion to work again:

If that still does not help please read how to post a Minion bug report and provide us the files asked for:
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