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advanced Blacksmithing question

greetings fellow blacksmiths,

im someone, who really takes the time to get the shiniest weapons and stuff. so i noticed the shield and weapons of the kings/queen of the 3 alliances especially high king emerics shield with the lionhead on.
but not only them. magesguild members like valaste and shalidor also wear some kind of legendary version of dunmer and nord staff. and sees all colors+other members of the fightersguild wear some rly impressive weapons and shield too.

so the question is...how do i craft those?

the esohead crafting menu shows me, i can craft them with calcinium...LIARS!
here the link http://esohead.com/crafting#zz8S8c8bUS8R8Z8o808z8
compare ebony and calcinium.
here shields for comparison (highkings shield) http://esohead.com/crafting#zo8p8t8bU78q8Z8z808z8

atm i cant get you some ingame-images (server is down) but i will get some when servers are up again.
here the eso concept art for impressions (brown argonian-like shiled in the middle is sees-all-colors shield)

i really hope, that finally someone can help me
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