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Provisioning Information

This is my first guide and it’s really more general information at this point. I am also not level 50 Adventurer or Max Provisioning level right now so it does make it hard to get all the information as of yet. I do feel that getting this all in one place would be helpful in better understanding how provisioning works with the different level recipe and ingredients. This is of course constantly being updated and possibly revised since it is still pretty early since the release of ESO. Things may change so if I miss anything or something changes feel free to comment so I can change the guide as needed.

There are many ingredients for this profession and it can get confusing which ones you should keep for future dishes and what you can just destroy or sell/give away. This can clog up your bank and bag space, so below is a list of all ingredients and what level they are good for.
There is one primary ingredient and one secondary ingredient for each Tier 1 recipe (Green). You add one additional ingredient for Tier 2 (Blue – Enriched, Fortified and Invigorated) and two more on top of that for Tier 3 (Purple - Consummate). Each Region (Daggerfall, Aldmeri and Ebonheart) has 6 recipes per level that will either Increase the Max Stat for MP, HP or ST. Or they will increase the regeneration rate of those same stats. Level 40, 45, 50 and VR5 aren’t assigned to a particular region and therefore only have 6 Tier 1 recipes each. Each primary ingredient is only useful for that level of recipes, so if you are simply making them to level then once you are finished with that level there really isn’t any reason to horde them in your bank. The secondary items are good for a set of levels and for a specific set of dishes (Spirits, Beers, Bread & Pies, Grilled, Wine, Soup & Stews) for instance Corn Mash is good for levels 1, 5, 10 and 15 but only for Spirits. If you are a class that wants a specific stat boosted then you only have to worry about collecting a specific set of ingredients, for instance if you’re a mage that wants MP Regen and you want to level cooking using only these meals so you can use what you make as you level then you will be making Wines because all wines in the game boost magicka regeneration (meals = Max stat, beverages = stat regen). Levels 40, 45, 50 and VR5 ingredients aren’t found in any particular Region like the previous levels, they are simply found in level appropriate areas.

(listed levels for these areas are approximate based on quests given in each)
Daggerfall Covanent Ebonheart Pact Aldmeri Dominion
Stros M’Kai – 1 to 4 Bleakrock – 1 to 3 Khenarthi’s Roost – 1 to 5
Betnikh – 4 to 5 Balk Foyen – 3 to 8 Auridon – 1 to 15
Glenumbra – 3 to 15 Stonefalls – 1 to 15 Grahtwood – 16 to 23
Stormhaven – 16 to 24 Deshaan – 16 to 24 Greenshade – 25 to 30
Ravenspire – 25 to 30 Shadowfen – 25 to 30 Malabal Tor – 31 to 37
Alik’r Desert – 31 to 37 Eastmarch – 35 to 40 Reaper’s March – 38 to 43
Bangkorai – 37 to 43 The Rift – 41 to 48

Cyrodiil – 50+
Bread & Pie Max HP Beer HP Regen
Grilled Max MP Wine MP Regen
Soup & Stew Max ST Spirit ST Regen
Enriched is Tier 2 Grilled and Spirits
Fortified is Tier 2 Bread & Soups and Beer
Invigorated is Tier 2 Soup & Stew and Wine
Consummate is Tier 3 dishes
Enriched Meals increase Max HP and ST Enriched Beverages increase HP and ST Regen
Fortified Meals increase Max HP and MP Fortified Beverages increase HP and MP Regen
Invigorated Meals increase Max MP and ST Invigorated Beverages increase MP and ST Regen
Consummate Meals increase Max HP, MP & ST Consummate Beverages increase HP, MP & ST Regen

For that mage in the Daggerfall covenant, their level 1 wine will be Aqua Vitae and they will only have to worry about keeping Shornhelm Grains(Primary) and Corn Mash(Secondary). Their level 5 wine is Ungorth which takes Iron Peat and Wine Grapes, you get the idea. If you are interested in power leveling and don’t care about what you make then focus on making the highest level item you have the recipe for. When you first start out you can make up to level 15 with no experience or skill points invested. You can make up to level 19 recipes without any investment of skill points. A level 1 recipe grants 500xp while a level 15 recipe gives you 9000xp, you can level much faster making level 15 dishes right off the bat. When you hover over the level bar while cooking you can see how much more experience you have to go before you hit your next level. It isn’t cumulative so you always start out at 0 for each level. Below is a partial chart of the experience you need in provisioning.

XP per level Cumulative
Level 1 = 0 – 640xp 640
Level 2 = 0 – 3,995xp 4,635
Level 3 = 0 – 6,920xp 8,555
Level 4 = 0 – 8,900xp 17,455
Level 5 = 0 – 10,560xp 28,015
Level 6 = 0 – 13,040xp 41,055
Level 7 = 0 – 16,360xp 57,415
Level 8 = 0 – 17,960xp 75,375

So just using this you can see that making 9 Hive Minds will get you all the way to level 8 provisioning.

There are also Grocers that are scattered around the known map, there is limited knowledge of their locations right now but I will keep you updated as I come across them or find information from other sources.

Bangkorai – Kerbol’s Hollow – Grocer Korgha
Barley Mash, Cake Flour, Camaralet Grapes, Jus, Lard, Wheat Malt – 52g each
Level 1 Primary Provisioning items
Shornhelm grains (Daggerfall beverages)
Capon meat (Daggerfall meals)
Aged meat (Aldmeri beverages)
Pork (Aldmeri meals)
Snake slime (Ebonheart beverages)
Goat meat (Ebonheart meals)

Level 5 Primary Ingredients
Iron Peat (Daggerfall Beverages)
Battaglir Weeds (Daggerfall meals)
Dusk Beetle (Aldmeri Beverages)
Guar Egg (Aldmeri Meals)
Snake Venom (Ebonheart Beverages)
Kwama Egg (Ebonheart Meals)

Level 10 Primary Ingredients
Tangerine (Daggerfall Beverages)
Bear Haunch (Daggerfall Meals)
Ripe Apple (Aldmeri Beverages)
Sweetmeats (Aldmeri Meals)
Wild Honey (Ebonheart Beverages)
Scuttle Meat (Ebonheart Meals)

Level 15 Primary Ingredients
Wasp Squeezings (Daggerfall Beverages)
Mutton Flank (Daggerfall Meals)
Wisp Floss (Aldmeri Beverages)
Liver (Aldmeri Meals)
Dragon’s-Tongue Sap (Ebonheart Beverages)
Plump Worms (Ebonheart Meals)

Level 1-15 Secondary items
Corn Mash (spirits-MP regen)
Brown Malt (beer-HP regen)
Wine Grapes (wines-STAM Regen)
Thin Broth (soups and stews-Max STAM)
Meal (breads and pies-Max HP)
Drippings (grilled-Max MP)

Level 20 Primary Ingredients
Dark Bile (Daggerfall Beverages)
Combwort (Daggerfall Meals)
Pig’s Milk (Aldmeri Beverages)
Goat Bits (Aldmeri Meals)
Sujamma Berries (Ebonheart Beverages)
Plump Rodent Toes (Ebonheart Meals)

Level 25 Primary Ingredients
Orc Hops (Daggerfall Beverages)
Venison (Daggerfall Meals)
Glitter Rock (Aldmeri Beverages)
Moon Sugar (Aldmeri Meals)
Comberry (Ebonheart Beverages)
Plump Maggots (Ebonheart Meals)

Level 20-25 Secondary Ingredients
Amber Malt (Beer-HP Regen)
Cooking Fat (Grilled-Max MP)
Grasa Grapes (Wine-MP Regen)
Broth (Soup & Stew-Max ST)
Milled Flour (Bread & Pies-Max HP)
Wheat Mash (Spirits-ST Regen)

Level 30 Primary Ingredients
Desert Heather (Daggerfall Beverages)
Horker Meat (Daggerfall Meals)
Molasses (Aldmeri Beverages)
Crawdad (Aldmeri Meals)
River Grapes (Ebonheart Beverages)
Chaurus Meat (Ebonheart Meals)

Level 35 Primary Ingredients
Black Tea (Daggerfall Beverages)
Flank Steak (Daggerfall Meals)
Spring Essence (Aldmeri Beverages)
Saltrice (Aldmeri Meals)
Ash Millet (Ebonheart Beverages)
Frog Legs (Ebonheart Meals)

Level 30-35 Secondary Ingredients
Lado Grapes (Wine-MP Regen)
Caramalt (Beer-HP Regen)
Oat Mash (Spirits-ST Regen)
Stock (Soup & Stew-Max ST)
Sifted Flour (Bread & Pies-Max HP)
Suet (Grilled-Max MP)

Level 40 Primary Ingredients
Beef (N/A)
Crystal Berry (N/A)

Level 45 Primary Ingredients
Shank (N/A)
Kaveh Beans (N/A)

Level 40-45 Secondary Ingredients
Cake Flour (Bread & Pies-Max HP)
Lard (Grilled-Max MP)
Wheat Malt (Beer-HP Regen)
Jus (Soup & Stew-Max ST)
Barley Mash (Spirits-ST Regen)
Camaralet Grapes (Wine-MP Regen)

Level 50 Primary Ingredients
Mountain Berries (N/A)
Mudcrab Meat (N/A)

Level 50 Secondary Ingredients
Ribier Grapes (Wine-MP Regen)
Glace Viande (Soup & Stew-Max ST)
Fatback (Grilled-Max MP)
White Malt (Beer-HP Regen)
Rice Mash (Spirits-ST Regen)
Baker’s Flour (Bread & Pies-Max HP)

Level VR5 (Veteran Rank 5) Primary Ingredients
Bervez Fruit (N/A)
Jazbay Grapes (N/A)
Honey Comb (N/A)

Level VR5 (Veteran Rank 5) Secondary Ingredients
Imperial Mash (Beer-HP Regen)
Emperor Grapes (Wine-MP Regen)
Golden Malt (Spirits-ST Regen)
Pinguis (Grilled-Max MP)
Imperial Stock (Soup & Stew-Max ST)
Imperial Flour (Bread & Pies-Max HP)

For the Tier 2 (Enriched, Fortified and Invigorated) dishes you just add one additional ingredient depending on the type of dish involved. For instance Black Night Cordial uses Black Tea and Oat Mash, for the Tier 2 (Enriched Black Night Cordial) version just add the ingredient for spirits which is a Snowberry.

Bread & Pies – Red Wheat
Grilled – Salt
Soup & Stew – Onion
Beer – Hallertau Hops
Spirits – Snowberry
Wine – Concord Grapes

And for Tier 3 (Consummate) dishes you add two additional ingredients plus the Tier 2 ingredient. Using the same example, Consummate Black Night Cordial would use everything from Tier 1 & 2 plus a Juniper Berry and Canis Root.

Bread & Pies – Barley & Oats
Grilled – Garlic & Pepper
Soup – Potato & Tomato
Beer – Hops & Saaz Hops
Spirits – Juniper Berry & Canis Root
Wine – White Grapes & Jazbay Grapes
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Nice! Thank you for posting it!
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I use Sous Chef addon.

It shows what tier your ingredients are and lets you know if you don't have any recipes for a particular item. This really helped me clean up my inventory of all those darn provisioning mats.


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Sadly I can't PM masterofthebuttons so I hope he reads this here.
Woud be nice to hear if you had any luck finding new Grocers?
Can you post more infos about the Grocer you mentioned?

I have made a thread to catch them all here:

My Addons @ WoWInterface
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