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Simple XML file to Display a button on screen

Just started with Dev addons. I do best with examples.
I have tried a few things but they are not working.
Can someone give me a Simple XML file example of how to display a Click on button in the middle of the screen. From there I can learn how to move it where I want it.

I have this but it is not working.

<!-- MyButtonAddon.xml -->
<Button name="MyButton" inherits="ZO_DefaultButton" text="Click Me">
<Anchor point="CENTER" relativeTo="$(parent)" relativePoint="CENTER" offsetX="0" offsetY="0" />
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I'd read this tutorial about GUI (XML):

You need to define a TopLevelControl and then anchor your buton on it.
Without the TLC you cannot draw any controls directly to the GUI.
Think about it as a rectangle where you anchor yoru button and other conrols to, like a menu, but not visible (unless you add a backdrop texture as background).

<GuiXml xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
            <TopLevelControl name="MyTestTLC" hidden="false" movable="true">
               <Dimensions x="200" y="200" />
              <Anchor point="CENTER" />
                 You button control etc. here

If you want to add the button to any existing control, you need to anchor it to that control so it shows (e.g. at the inventory).

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