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Single Target DPS and pbAOE Support/CC Nightblade PVP Build

This is a DPS/supportive Nightblade PVP build that tries to get a little more support than you average Nightblade build while still being able to output solid single target DPS

*note: The skill calculator links only include the abilities, no passives

Armor: 5 medium + 2 light

Race: Khajiit

Mundus Stone: The Lady

First Weapon: Bow, Single Target DPS


Poison Arrow > Venom Arrow

Arrow Spray > Bombard

Snipe > Lethal Arrow

Mark Target > Reaperís Mark

Strife > Funnel Health

Ultimate: Consuming Darkness > Bolstering Darkness

This is my single target DPS build, nothing really out of the ordinary. I chose a bow because it has great single target skills, and itís my favorite out of ESOís weapons. Mark target for the extra damage and health regen, Reaperís Mark for even more health regen. Snipe as an opener to deal a large amount of damage with Lethal arrow to cut down on the enemyís healing. Arrow Spray to keep melee pursuers away with Bombard to put more distance between us. Poison Arrow for quick damage, but really more for the Venom Arrow morph to put people casting off-balance. Strife for a bit more survivablitiy with the self heal, but being more supportive, effective, and helpful with the funnel health to help out 2 teammates versus only 10% more incoming healing for me. Bolstering Darkness is the best ultimate I could think of, with it mainly being used for survivability, with the synergy both healing and making my allies invisible, while I just stay in the circle with the 60% less damage taken. I think adding the heal to the synergy is better than just doing damage within the circle, because the person Iím facing could attack from range or just dodge roll out of the circle.

Second Weapon: Dual Wield, pbAOE Support/CC


Sparks > Ember Explosion

Teleport Strike > Lotus Fan

Aspect of Terror > Manifestation of Terror

Drain Power > Sap Essence

Rapid Maneuver > Retreating Maneuver

Ultimate: Soul Shred > Soul Siphon

This is my pbAOE support/CC build, with every ability being a pbAOE and being supportive by either helping nearby allies or hindering nearby enemies. I chose dual wielding because it has 2 useful pbAOE skills. Lotus Fan is used as a basic snare to open up with. Aspect of Terror for a hard CC in fear, but affecting only 2 enemies seems sub par, so I opt with the Manifestation of Terror morph to both remove the 2 enemy cap and allow to be placed as a trap, which is nice. Ember explosion is a decent pbAOE debuff, good support and suvivability. Sap Essence is a pbAOE ally heal and self weapon damage buff. Iíd like to keep this build supportive along with CC, so thatís why I went with the healing morph. Retreating Maneuver is for allowing me and my allies an easier escape if things start to get hairy. As for ultimate, again I feel like there is no obvious choice. Soul Shred is the best I could think of because it fits with the pbAOE support in being a large heal. Even though it only heals 3 allies, the synergy allows anyone to deal damage and be healed.

Additional Information

Overall I think this is an interesting build that tries to give a little more support than your average nightblade build. I will go with 5 medium armor and 2 light for the increased stamina and slight increase in magika. The Mundus stone that I will be using is the lady, for the increased armor since pbAOEs are generally used on the front line, and the added defense will help with survivablility. I hope each skillbar in this build useful in both small tactical groups and large zergs, although I will probably be using the bow more in uncoordinated groups because it is more self sufficient, while likewise using the dual wield in small group encounters because I would be able to communicate and be more supportive, although I would still at least use both in either situation As for PvE, the only thing I would change is that I would swap Retreating Maneuver for something like Steel Tornado.

Thanks for reading through my build, any and all constructive criticism is wholeheartedly welcomed.
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Originally Posted by SkyEsonian View Post
kk, so that's your builds - interesting takes
feeling encouraged to try out your single target dps you proposed here gonna go in hot!
also wonder how they applies to general guides on pvp nightblades like this one here perhaps.
are there any extra tips that you could share on how to wield those beats you created?
This thread is from 2014...
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