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How to set action to hotbar


I have actionSlotIndex, hotbarCategory, actionType and actionId.
And I need two things: set action to slot in hot bar and get link and icon of this action.
I tried AddHotbarSlotChangeToAllocationRequest but nothing happened.

Can u help me how can I to do it?

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Check the code of addons which already do change the skills on the actionbars, like AlphaGear2.
Should be something like the function AG.LoadSet which e.g initiates the laoding of a defined set of equipped items and skills, or similar.

It will add something to the internal table AG.Jobs with the type AG.JOB_TYPE_LOAD_SKILL_BAR.
And then somewhere this table AG.Jobs will be parsed, using this type to initiated the skill change on the action bars.
If you search for JOB_TYPE_LOAD_SKILL_BAR you'll see it will be in function AG.HandleOnUpdate()
-> elseif (jobType == AG.JOB_TYPE_LOAD_SKILL_BAR) then

So AG.LoadBar should handle the skill change

Hope this helps.

Lua Code:
  1. --- returns the abilityIndex for a given abilityId
  2. function AG.GetAbility(abilityId)
  3.     trace ('Searching Ability with ID %d', abilityId)
  6.     -- local exists = DoesAbilityExist(abilityId)
  7.     -- trace ('Ability exists: %s', tostring(exists))
  9.     -- local  texName = GetAbilityIcon(abilityId)
  10.     -- trace ('Ability texture: %s', texName)
  12.     -- local st, si, ai, mc, ri = GetSpecificSkillAbilityKeysByAbilityId(abilityId)
  13.     -- trace ('Specific keys: %d, %d, %d, %d', si, ai, mc, ri)
  15.     -- Returns: boolean hasProgression, number progressionIndex, number lastRankXp, number nextRankXP, number currentXP, boolean atMorph
  16.     local hasProgression, progressionIndex = GetAbilityProgressionXPInfoFromAbilityId(abilityId)
  18.     trace ('Progression Index: %s,  %d', tostring(hasProgression), progressionIndex)
  20.     if not hasProgression then
  21.         trace('Ability with ID %d has no progression.', abilityId)
  22.         return 0
  23.     end
  26.     -- Returns: string name, number morph, number rank
  27.     local _, morph, rank = GetAbilityProgressionInfo(progressionIndex)
  29.     -- Returns: string name, string texture, number abilityIndex
  30.     local name, _, abilityIndex = GetAbilityProgressionAbilityInfo(progressionIndex, morph, rank)
  31.     if abilityIndex then
  32.         trace('Found ability %s with Index %d for ID %d.', name, abilityIndex, abilityId)
  33.         return abilityIndex
  34.     else
  35.         trace('Did not find ability with ID %d.', abilityId)
  36.         return 0
  37.     end
  38. end
  40. function AG.LoadSkill(nr, slot)
  41.     if not nr or not slot then return end
  43.     local skillID = AG.setdata[nr].Skill[slot]
  45.     -- TODO remove skill from bar, if set is locked and skillID == 0
  46.     if skillID == 0 then return end
  48.     local currentSkillID = GetSlotBoundId(slot+2)
  50.     if skillID ~= currentSkillID then
  51.         trace('SkillId in slot %d changed. Current: %d new: %d', slot, currentSkillID, skillID)
  52.         local newAbilityIndex = AG.GetAbility(skillID)
  53.         local currentAbilityIndex = AG.GetAbility(currentSkillID)
  55.         if newAbilityIndex ~= 0 and currentAbilityIndex ~= newAbilityIndex then
  56.             trace('AbilityIndex has changed, replacing. Current AI: %d, New AI: %d', currentAbilityIndex, newAbilityIndex)
  57.             local res, msg = CallSecureProtected('SelectSlotAbility', newAbilityIndex, slot+2)
  59.             if not res then
  60.                 -- d("|cFF0000Failed to set new skill. Message:|r "..(msg or "<none>"))
  61.                 d("|cFF0000Failed to set new skill due to a bug in ESO.|r Kill a mob and try again!")
  62.             end
  63.         end
  64.     end
  65. end
  67. function AG.LoadBar(nr)
  68.     if not nr then return end
  69.     for slot = 1, 6 do AG.LoadSkill(nr,slot) end
  70. end

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