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manually setting addon folder?

Is there any way to set up addon folder manually? In config or something?

My problem is that I have a name that contains non-latin character.
I can install Minion on a custom location and it opens but I cannot load addon folder.
The problem is that the addon folder is on a path that contains my name (default documents folder).
I can change user name easily but this does not change user folder name.
I do not want to mess up in registry or do other tricks to change user folder name just for this application alone.

Could you please explain me from where the non-latin characters in name requirement come from?
Really, this is basics. I have used alot of custom/user made programs. Nexus mod manager and other Skryim/Fallout mod related programs work perfectly.
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[pressed on post twice. ignore this first post]

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I do not know if there is a manual config possible, but the following workaround should help:

Create a folder where you want to install your addons in. Let's say "C:/AddOns" and select that folder in Minion.
Now Minion should be able to install addons inside "C:/AddOns", because that path does not have any special characters.

Then go to "Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live" and delete the AddOns folder, if it exists in there.

At the top of the current window, click on the address bar and type cmd and press enter.

A black terminal will open. It should list the current path, i.e. ...Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live.
mklink /J "AddOns" "C:/AddOns"
and press enter.

This will create an "AddOns" folder in the current location, which is actually just a link to the previously created "C:/AddOns" folder.
Because of this link, when ESO tries to access "Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns" it will actually load all addons from "C:/AddOns".

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