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Open the game with Minion

Hello there,

I'm already sorry if my english is not that good. I'm french and I will do my best to speak clearly.

I wanted to know something about Minion and the launcher of the game.

First of all :
If we have download an Addons with Minion, does it normally create a folder into our documents ''Zenimax'' or not ?

Second question (goes with the first one) :
If it doesn't create a folder, will we see the installed Addons on the Addons folder into the game ?

And final question :
If we have installed an Addons with Minion, do we have to open the game normally with the launcher and it will be ok ? Or do we have to open it with Minion (in this case, how do we do ?)

I hope all my questions are clear and if there is a problem for you to understand something, I really am sorry about that and will do my best to reformulate.

Pleasure and great job
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Hi oOBlueberryOo,

Thanks for your questions.

1. Minion does not yet create this folder if its missing. However if you have ever started the Elder Scrolls Online game and gotten to the login screen that folder is already created for you by the Elder Scrolls game client.

2. If you see on the left side under "My games" the game Elder Scrolls Online. This means it has already detected your AddOn folder and everyting is good. Does it show Elder Scrolls Online under the My Games list on the left side? If it does go under options and you can see the detected addon folder path it choose and change it if you want.

3. Addons use an official API so Minion does not need to launch ESO or does not even need to keep running while you play Elder Scrolls Online. You can just install the AddOns you like, close Minion and enjoy the game.

Hope that clears up some of your questions.
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Amazing response

Thank you for all and I will sure enjoy the game this weekend with Minion
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