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ZOS just silently installed RedShell.dll in ESO

In the current climate this is an extremely bold move. ZOS have installed Redshell https://redshell.io/home via the ESO client, software which basically tracks you online in order to effectively monetize you. They did this without explicit opt-in which right away is illegal in the EU due to GDPR. The same software was removed from Conan Exiles after players found out https://forums.funcom.com/t/why-are-...-redshell/5043

They are pushing and poking the playerbase to see what they can get away with, personally I've had enough.

forum thread is https://forums.elderscrollsonline.co...block-opt-out/

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most usefull post among all
So here we go, just sent this to our Data Protection Center ("Datenschutzzentrum", which *will* do an official investigation, and they are not known to play around):

Mit dem weit verbreiteten Online-Spiel "Elder Scrolls Online" zusammen wird die Software "Red Shell" zum Sammeln von individuellen Daten verwendet. Dieser Sammlung wurde weder mit den AGB zugestimmt, noch wird sie dem Benutzer mitgeteilt. Die Ausleitung der Daten erfolgt mutmasslich in die USA, ohne entsprechende Datenschutzgrundsaetze.
Im Sinne der Datensparsamkeit sind diese Daten nicht notwendig zur Verwendung des Spiels.

Weitere Hinweise:
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To clear it up

ZOS official statement


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Originally Posted by NewbieOKS View Post
To clear it up

ZOS official statement

I still don't understand what the **** is it good for from that post. Looks like pile of steaming marketing **** written in klingon. Place what advertisements? What web content? On what site? I didn't notice any ads on the ESO website.
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For reference purposes:

Link on a IT user forum inspection on the RedShell.dll capabilities

Vulnerability Test on Redshell.dll and ESO using Kaspersky Total Security software

(Legend: Print Screen no 5 & 6 on the vulnerability test results)

Link on the Kaspersky Total Security capability

Link on Kaspersky Lab Research and Report - it includes not only virus but also other threats (malware, spyware, etc) - for reference purposes

From the sources above, as per my understanding as a ordinary PC user , I can say that RedShell is not a spyware program but the real topic should be “ is the integration of the Redshell.dll file to ESO game client without transparency and acknowledge of its players/users?” since RedShell is a third party analytics tool developed by Innervate, Inc (https://innervate.us)

Link for Redshell as a third party analytic tool:


However in the ZOS Privacy Policy that I had agreed when I install the game at the first time, there was one paragraph saying like this https://account.elderscrollsonline.com/privacy-policy

Analytics Tools. We may use internal and third-party analytics tools (see our Cookie Policy at http://www.zenimax.com/cookie_us for a list of third parties) to collect and aggregate activity data and other data across multiple channels

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it IS spyware by its nature
for marketing reasons
and Kaspersky will not detect it ofc because its like legal spyware that used by big companies
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06/03/18, 08:47 AM   #7
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Just because there have been cases where a virus called RedShell.exe have been found at some point doesn't mean the current one is a virus as well.

I find the explanation from ZOS quite convincing.
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