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ESOUI website bug--ads pulling the page to the bottom

I totally understand the need for lots of ads on the site. But recently a new problem cropped up. Ads with "movies" taking over the page, and pulling the page to the ad, and not letting it go until it cycles. I cannot express just how annoying this is. I wouldn't mind a small pop-up window in the corner of the page, but to just drag the screen to the bottom of the page, and not let it go is intolerable. The biggest offender atm seems to be the Toyota Summer Starts Here ad.

I just want to read the page. Can it be fixed? PLEASE?!?!?!
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You should not be getting any ads with movies that take over the page, sound, re-directs etc. The ads should stay in their designated spot across the top, right side and bottom.

We currently have ZAM selling the ad space for us. If you can visit the URL below and send me the contents I can send it to the ad team. It will display a history of your Ads. Also any screen shots will certainly be helpful. I browse the site with ads on and haven't encountered any bad ones lately but sometimes they only target certain regions, etc.


Sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting.

*Moving this post to our support forum so I get alerts on updated posts.

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