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Request: Addon The Warns / Let's you know if a Quest for another DLC / Expansion?

Being some what a bloody newbie in ESO I find it harder to do things in chronological order. There are guides, etc on what to do as in hey go here for this story and blah blah. But my issue is I want to do all the story / normal quests as well and when I go to cities I tend to keep picking up DLC's without realizing it...

So I'm not even sure if the UI would allow it, but it be amazing if there was a hover over or even a display option to warn me that this for another DLC/ Expansion. This way I don't keep picking up the wrong quests when surfing for quests in Towns and such.
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There isn't a relationship between quests and information that would be retrievable to do that. It isn't possible. This isn't too far from what users sometimes request for mod I author for quests. They want certain quests to only show up as a pin on the map if certain conditions are met. There are quests that only introduce you to the main quest giver. Then as you mention quests that lead you to DLC.

As I have explained in the past, to do this a person would have to sit down with pen and paper on a character that had never done quests in the zone and then hand enter that information in a proprietary format that only that mod uses to automate how a quest mod would walk someone through their questing experience.

It takes about a week to do that for people with a job, family, and other real life things because you can only do it in your spare time. It would take about 42 weeks by my estimation.

This is why at least for the quest mods I work on, there is a pin on the map of where you may obtain a quest. If for any reason it isn't available then you can hide the pin. Again these are usually of no consequence because they only introduce you to the main quest giver and don't give gold or gear as rewards.

There is no TES5Edit for ESO to go through the files and compile that kind of information. Sorry.
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The Questing Guide

excell sheet for each zone up until Summerset

That is the best I found so far.
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