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05/07/14, 01:01 PM   #121
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Hi Cairenn and thank you, Dolby and anyone else having a hand in this websyte and forum! Looking forward to a far-reaching, fortuitous and fun frakking time. Happy modding, and good hunting!


Originally Posted by Cairenn View Post
Welcome everyone! We are very excited to be able to open the doors on ESOUI!

I'll go ahead and start. Many of you will know me from our other sites, but for the rest of you:

Hi, my name is Cairenn. I am one of the founders and admins on our group of sites. We (myself & Dolby) have been running interface sites for the MMORPG community since 2002. We currently have 6 sites with this being our 11th, covering 12 games. You can find links to our other sites in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Before anyone asks - yes I am an honest-to-goodness female. Still somewhat of a rarity in the MMORPG world I know, but there are a few of us around. I've been a fan of Interface "modding" ever since my introduction to it with EverQuest and my enjoyment of the communities that we create for those of like interests has only continued to grow over the years that I've been involved with it. I am the 'face' of the site, taking care of all of the front end requirements on a site like this; taking care of you guys (our authors and users), being the liaison between our sites and the respective game companies, etc.

So, enough about me. Allow me to take this moment to give you a brief introduction to my partner in crime. Dolby is the other founder and administrator on the site. He's the one that takes care of all of the coding and such needed to keep the site running smoothly.

Everyone, please do feel free to say "hi" and introduce yourselves.
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Hey folks!

I'm Andarne, as you can see from this lovely picture to the left.

I'm an avid role-player; always have been. I came to my height in the Lord of the Rings: Online, which I played on EN-RP Laurelin for several years. Moved to SW:TOR then Star Trek: Online. Never felt at home since leaving LotRO, but since I joined ESO I've not looked back.

Getting back into the addon scene, also! I had quite an extensive collection before I left for a few months, only to rejoin again in January. I really should have backed them up...

I'm also developing an RP portal called The Mundus Archives, akin to the famous Argent Archives and its sister, the Laurelin Archives. It will take some time, as I'm using software I'm unfamiliar with (Drupal 7). Any help I can receive is well-appreciated!

You can find me in-game as @cacophony - I would have been using @Andarne, but it's no longer around... - I'm always available to RP on my Dunmer characters, or PvE! Not much of a PvP fan, but ESO has piqued my interest as it's quite different from most MMO's.
Yours sincerely,

Falvis Saryn, of Mournhold.
Liege to the Lord.
House Anther.

The UESP Wiki
The Mundus Archives
OCB Gaming Community
~ ~ ~

"Most men make some journeys. Whether long or short, with an errand or simply to go 'there and back again', is not of primary importance."

- J.R.R. Tolkien (1892 – 1973)
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04/10/15, 12:59 PM   #123
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Hi Cairenn,

at the first, thanx for this platform to share the addons we create for all the users and to get in contact with users, if something is needed to implement or fixes and updates.

I am such like a coder - really not the best one (and never want to be, even if i code since about 30 years now - but not i lua - dont panik^^ just assembler, c#... and more crap).
Began to code in lua with World Of Warcraft, i did play for about 6 years, where i needed here and there a helpful and mostly simple addon (like a chat-system, friendlist and so on).

On here i wanted not to code, because i wanted to play (coding in lua do cost alot of time) and then there popped up a problem, that some of the addons i used stopped to work or got some design-errors.
So i startet at first to fix them just for my own and some close friends.
But at 1.6.5 alot of addons doesnt work so i had to fix them again and decided to share those fixed ones with others on here to participate and to have running addon.

Under the line - thanx for your work here.

Adalan @Aruntas
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08/26/15, 01:01 PM   #124
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So for some reason i am finding it really hard to start a thread on here
Can someone plz plz plz help me out
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09/27/15, 07:54 PM   #125
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Hey everybody, everything you need to know about me is in my signature! And more!

Love this site and after a year of pilfering **** from it I decided to become a part of it.
Aldmeri Dominion : Imperial : Nightblade : Vampire, Vampirism Master : Tank : Greatsword, Bow : Heavy Armour, Vampire's Kiss Set, Hunding's Rage Set : Lv42 as of 09/27/15

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Credendo Vides
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I'm Tcheu, French eso player, and Minion user. I ended up here because I have a problem but I figured I still should introduce myself.
So here I am.

I am a 27 year old english teacher, and hobbies include videogaming, Steam games shame-piling, goodies collectionning and many other things like that. I'm very good at multitasking when it comes to spending more money than I have.

aaaaanywhoo, see you 'round o/
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07/13/17, 05:17 PM   #128
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Hello, this one is called Tigersong after one of his characters, Avari Tigersong. He is an amateur writer (only one poem published, and it was a scam!) with an interest in creating video games.

Morrowind was this one's introduction to the Elder Scrolls, but he was a role-player long before that! Since his first day he's been playing anything but the standard race/alliance combos (thank you Dad!)

ESO modding actually seems- if not simple- then less daunting than modding, say, Skyrim. No building new locations or writing dialog- just the tedious, mind-numbing slog that is scripting.

Anything else you want to know, just ask- I don't bite! I am a Christian, or perhaps just someone who loves Christ. If ever you hear me refer to "the One" or "I Am", that's who I mean.
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11/06/17, 02:46 AM   #129
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Hi everyone. I just want to say thank you (for admins, staffs, coders, and others involved) for ESOUI and all the addons you guys provide. They really improve our ESO experience.

I'm not much of a talker, so...

@Xeizell 500-something CP | Xeizell (AD DPS) | Carnán (EP Healer) | PC - NA
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04/10/18, 02:12 PM   #130
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Been a long time fans of Elder Scrolls series now but just got hooked into the ESO. The game so far is very exciting! The addons from this site is really helpful to me and I'm hoping I can learn and know more people here
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05/30/18, 12:33 AM   #131
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Where do I download you?

Hi I already 'joined' you and see your big advertisement online telling us all the good stuff you offer, except I find no place to download you. Every time to get your website I have to go to search for ESOUI

So now I downloaded Mininion. Joined you. Saw the mod I desperately need and want etc, but don't know what to do now.
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05/30/18, 08:36 AM   #132
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Originally Posted by Aussiechick View Post
Hi I already 'joined' you and see your big advertisement online telling us all the good stuff you offer, except I find no place to download you. Every time to get your website I have to go to search for ESOUI

So now I downloaded Mininion. Joined you. Saw the mod I desperately need and want etc, but don't know what to do now.
Choose the ESO addons directory within Minion, chaneg to "Search addons", search your addon, click on install.
Login the game and check if the addon is there, enable it, play.

Same procedure with updating addons just don't search new ones but take the other tab "Installed" and update them.
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03/23/19, 09:48 AM   #133
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Smile Newbie


I am a newbie and my husband got me hooked on ESO
I am trying to find out how you can obtain the gps coordinates for the skyshards?
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03/23/19, 10:02 AM   #134
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Probably using this https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...ordinates.html
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11/26/19, 08:24 PM   #135
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Yo. Newbie here.
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03/25/20, 04:57 AM   #136
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is there someone alive?
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03/29/20, 04:46 AM   #137
[email protected]
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Can´t wait to ask many questions!
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05/06/20, 05:04 AM   #138
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Can´t wait to ask many questions!
hello, so what is your 1st question?
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03/20/21, 09:22 AM   #139
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Ahoy fellow adventurers of Nirn! :3
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