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Basic DK 2handed build.

Ok i have here a very basic Dragon Knight 2 handed build. The only thing i done is set up the action bars, no passives, would like feedback on what passives i should go with.

DK Build: 2 Handed Build
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Looks like a dps melee build, but you also have bow... with more points in bow.

Magnum shot is great to get distance between you... but you're basically a melee. Are you going to use magnum shot, switch, then critical charge with a 2Her? I mean, there's nothing wrong with swapping around, but you titled this as a 2Her build, not a bow build. But it's more of a bow build.

I never found volley to be good. I tried using it, but it kind of reeks for levelling. Maybe pick that up later? Most of the DK aoe abilities are probably better.

Arrow spray is good. Bombard even better. But again, that is for keeping things away from you while you pew-pew.

You need a finisher, and reverse slash is really good for that.

I assume you'll be using medium armor, so some of your passives should be there.
Since you're dps, try to pick up passives that affect both bow and melee, like crit bonus stuff.
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Thank You bro.
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03/26/14, 08:25 AM   #4
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90% of my builds in the betas are high stamina and health characters, with focus on melee (one handed and shield, two handed and dual wielding).

Unfortunately, all my builds were based on heavy armour, i just really like heavy armour.

I found that dragon knight and templars work best for melee builds (my opinion).

This is what i did on my last Orc heavy armour DPS/Tank build:


One was for two handed, went for a hammer/maul
Second was shield and mace

I took a lot of passives for one handed and shield, as well as for two handed (bleed damage is awesome!).

Had no problems running into mobs and just smashing their skulls to bits.

As you can see, magicka was used as support and only support nothing more or less.

Also do not forget to improve weapons and armour vs crafting new ones!

Note: Those fighters guild skills are stamina based and have range abilities. My next DPS/Tank will be more/less the same, but a templar with medium armour for stamina regen.
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03/28/14, 11:19 PM   #5
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nice - thanks!
~ Abardomas

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