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Triggering Windows notifications with LUA?

Hi there,

I am interested in an addon that will notify me when I am almost going to be logged out due to idle. There is an Idle Notification plugin, but it sends an in-game notification. If I am not looking at the screen or it is unfocused, it does me no good.

The popular 3rd party Oldschool Runescape client 'RuneLite' has exactly this feature: after 4minutes30seconds of inactivity, a notification is sent through Windows (along with accompanying sound), alerting the player. I realize we're dealing with two totally different beasts here, but that's sort of what I would be going for.

Another option is to play a sound, but if my ESO window is unfocused, sounds do not play. I will check to see if there is a toggle for this...

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There is an option in the sound settings where you can setup to play sounds even if the window is unfocussed.

Everything else is not possible as there is no way to send data to a file and read it without doing a reloadui or logout.
And there is no external program communication (except unallowed hacks and bots I guess) allowed that I know of.
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Thanks, I did find that option. And there's an "Interface" volume slider that I can turn up, so that's better than nothing. I'm not surprised that the ESO Lua interface is not capable of external calls like that, but I thought I would ask :-)

Thanks again.
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