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Game freezes when trying to buy/sell in game items to merchants/ event shops

My game freezes when i am trying to access the merchant, the in game server time flows, however everything else freezes. Pressing escape/B on KBM/ controller doesnt work, and the game will unfreeze after 1 min. My chat box says there is 13 bugs found. What can I do to prevent this?
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First: If your chat box says errors then you are using any redirect error addons like Bug Eater, No Thank You etc.
We tld you already to please remove them so that you get the error messages in time as they happen and in a popup.
This way you see what is causing it more easily.

Watch the error messages then and you will see something like usr/AddOns/<addonName> where <addonName> is the name of the addon throwing the error then. The error messages are a stack so it starts at the bottom and shows you where it came from, and at the top you see the last line and file where it threw the error then.

Disable the addons that are shown in your error messages and try if it works then.
If not:

Note down the addons you use as the error happens.
Maybe use "Addon Selector" to save it as a pack and then being able to load it again laiter on easily.

Disable ALL addons and check if it works without them!
if so: Enable half of the addons and try again, then go on witht he other half. Addon Selector is able to mass enable/disable addons by clicking on 1 addon to disable/enable it and then scroll to the other addon you want to set the same state to. Hold SHIFT key and left click the addon to enable/disable (same state as the first clicked) all addons in between the first and 2nd clicked.

Find out which addons cause the bug this way.
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