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09/01/19, 11:23 AM   #1
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Lightbulb REQUEST: Extended Guild Raffle Addon

There are many guild raffle addons that base the raffle tickets completely on gold deposited into the guild bank, and I would like to see an addon that uses more of the Guild History for giving out raffle tickets.

For instance, in my guild, in addition to getting 10 tickets for depositing 1000 gold in the Guild Bank, members can also get 5 tickets for recruiting a new member. New members get 5 tickets in that week's raffle as well. Each guild member gets 1 ticket for being in the guild by default.

I'm currently keeping track of these details by hand in a spreadsheet, which can be exhausting or forgotten at times. It would be nice to have something in-game that handles the information and chooses 3 random winners each week.

Thank you for reading!
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09/01/19, 11:49 AM   #2
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Not interested into creating such an addon as the guild history is shut down for addons already several times and I feel one shouldn't create the next addon to mess around with it and stress the servers.

But a few thoughts:
I doubt there is a way to see if someone recruited a member or are all your guild members allowed to invite someone? And does this count as "recruited" then?
Not even sure if the API tells who has invited someone. Let me check this:
EVENT_GUILD_INVITE_ADDED (number eventCode, number guildId, string guildName, Alliance guildAlliance, string inviterDisplayName)
Yep, could be tracked by help of "inviterDisplayName" as it seems (if this is not the invited user but the invitER).
Anmd here is the invited name then:
EVENT_GUILD_INVITE_PLAYER_SUCCESSFUL (number eventCode, string playerName, number guildId) - Added in 100028
EVENT_GUILD_MEMBER_ADDED (number eventCode, number guildId, string displayName)

As one can invite someone and the accept can be several hours later afaik it would be difficutl to track this though as the event data is only given if YOU are online and have the addon enabled at the time the events happen. So if there is no info in the guild history about who invited whom, you don't have the information if you are not 24/7 online.

And in the history you got only something like
"..."joined the guild.
"xxx" invited "..." to join the guild.
So you always would have to connect those two information, even over time, from the history's "text" which would be a mess to do I think.

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09/13/19, 10:07 AM   #3
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If someone wants to fix RaffleGold...

Since the patch on 8/12/19 RaffleGold has stopped working. I can try to add someone to the mod so they can edit it and fix it if they want to take a look (I'm not a modder but my old GM created the mod). It has all the things Rybinsk asked for - pulls the list from donations to the guild bank, and has a bonus ticket function. Someone told me that it still worked in the CLI, but I can't get it to work - the "/rg set ticket price" function is not being properly stored as a variable and when I try to "/rg draw guild" it says I need to set a ticket price.
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09/13/19, 12:31 PM   #4
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Check the comments, there is an updated version of Raffle Gold Tally

It should have some options of the ones you have requested.
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