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My take on a few aspects of the game.

First of all, I do want to say that I have been thoroughly enjoying myself while playing ESO. It's a great MMO and the action is reminiscent of the other Elder Scrolls titles.

However, there are a few small things that really stick out to me which I would like to be discussed. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time during beta events to really figure out game mechanics and see what did and didn't work.

1. Cross faction races: What's the point of even having factions if we can just choose any race in any faction? I did like the implementation of the Imperials having a single race that can pick and choose factions, made them feel like more of a mercenary race than anything else. But otherwise, it just doesn't make sense to me to be playing a Redguard, Bretonian, or Orc in the Ebonheart Pact. I feel like you would be murdered on sight as those races if you were wandering around Stonefalls. I do get the fact that they didn't want to restrict players, but it just doesn't make too much sense to me.

2. Implementation of classes: On the other side of the coin, I feel like classes have little to no point in this game. Classes were implemented in order to help balance the game, but in a game that has such a wide array of choice, funneling us down into class just doesn't work as well as it should. There is a ridiculous amount of playable combinations which I feel would exist without classes, if someone wants to play a plate wearing mage wielding a bow, they will do just that. Classes or no classes. Yeah, some spells would need to be removed, but the game as a whole would do a lot better without that restriction.

3. Stamina and magicka: Why does stamina increase physical damage done and why does magicka increase magical effectiveness? I feel like enchantments, if implemented correctly, would serve the same purpose and would give us more freedom as players.

4. An inherent lack of Necromancy: This is just a personal gripe, I'm a huge necromancy and dark magic player. There is nothing I love more than stripping the power from my foes as my undead minion tears them to shreds. I feel like this Elder Scrolls title is missing a massive part of what makes an Elder Scrolls game, an Elder Scrolls game. To me. Again, personal gripe. I do understand that Nightblade has a few shadow and siphoning spells, but it just isn't the same as raising my opponent as an eternal slave. And nowhere near the same playstyle, not to mention the passives are geared more towards an assassin-type player.

Again, this is just my take on it and I am enjoying the game regardless. But these 4 points just nag at the back of my mind...
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My opinion towards 1)
I've been playing on dominion side and they had orc and argonian NPCs so it's not really lore breaking but I can see your point.
Currently it feels like seeing a race in a "wrong" faction is the rule instead of an exception. I hope it will change over time as it is a preoder bonus.
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First off, I'm not currently playing the game, but I am excited for it to come to consoles as most of my game-playing friends are console players so that's why I decided to wait and play the game with them.

1. I get this, but as with all MMORPG's, MMO comes first, RPG comes second ... it's just the way of things. Min/Maxing is the benefit you get for pre-ordering, so of course the average player is going to choose the best race for what they intend to build, not necessarily what makes the most sense from an RP-standpoint.

2. I kind of think the class system was added in less for balance and more to give the game some more replay value, without it, the only skills you wouldn't be able to eventually have would be racial skills ... which means eventually every character would be capable of nearly everything if given enough time to play and level up skills. Realistically, most of the best skills are in the class skill lines, and by giving some separation, those players who want to experience all the game has to offer will have to create at least 4 characters to experience all four classes and their skills. I think it was smart on the developers part to add this system somewhat for balance, but mostly for replay value.

3. I'm not really sure what your issue is? I think the current system makes sense logically.

4. When I heard that Necromancy wasn't going to be included at launch, it really only made me think one thing = "Ahh, so they're holding it back for an expansion pack?!?!" It just seems like this would be a fairly obvious thing to hold back for an expansion/DLC.

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Cross-faction races
There's no real lore reason to prohibit an individual joining whatever faction it wishes, and players are of course individuals. The factions are more of a general tendency than anything else; Bosmer tend to be found in the Aldmeri Dominion but there's no reason a certain individual can't pitch in with the Ebonheart Pact or Daggerfall Covenant.

I think it's rather neat. I think I would have had more issues with it being the other way around, if you couldn't play an Argonian in the Aldmeri Dominion.

What class you pick decides one thing: Your class skill lines. That is a rather small fraction of the skill lines available to your character - you still pick freely from six weapon skill lines, three armour, three (for now) guild lines, world skills, crafting skills, and PvP skills.

Even with classes, there's still 5.09 E58 combinations available, so I really don't see classes as being more limiting than e.g. the racial skill lines (known as racial bonuses in previous TES titles).

Stamina and Magicka
I don't feel the system is limiting at all, and I don't see what "correctly implemented" enchantments (whatever that entails) would add? You can already use enchantments to improve e.g. max Magicka, which then improves your magical abilities proportionally. You can also add e.g. physical damage via enchantments, or magical, or... rather a lot of things.

It will come. For now, use Nightblade Siphoning skills and "drain" enchantments on your weapons, work on your diabolical laugh, and kill every rabbit or pony Guar you see
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