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Help noob)

Please tell me the function, how to find out the number of lives of the target?
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Hi, I’ve only just seen your query. I don't quite understand what you are asking? If you are talking about your character, you have infinite lives. If in-game AI they also have infinite lives.

Whenever you are killed you lose some armor health (also when you are hit), this is remedied by either using the repair kits that you get through completing certain crafting writs (or daily rewards) or having then repaired via the various traders that you find in all cities and some wandering the world, usually via footpaths and roads, or you can buy your own personal trader via the crown store.

Also, when you die you are given two options to respawn again, either use a soul gem which allows you to recover at the place you died, or you can choose to reappear at the nearest Wayshrine. Wayshrines are the way you can travel from different areas of Tamriel (once you've discovered the Wayshrines) virtually instantly. If you are talking about monsters lives or other NPC characters in the game, they usually respawn after a few moments to several minutes.

Crafting writs are the easiest quest items in the game and always give you useful items either to use or to sell on. I do seven crafting writs in around 10 minutes max and each writ gains you various rewards such as repair kits, tempers, jewelry, armor etc. You can spend skill points on improving your writ levels which in turn give you better rewards. Once you max out the crafting writ levels you can then earn master writs that earn you writ vouchers and lots of experience that can be spent on high-level legendary items and motif pages. I usually redeem these when we are on double experience points, and use one of my experience point boosters, all of which are stackable. The last time I did this last week, my character, which was at level 740, went up nine levels in the space of 8 minutes due to all the master writs I completed (I think it was 15 writs). Actually, you can buy Master writs from the guild stores as well and redeem those once completed; even if your crafting skill lines are not at max, but you must ensure you’ve completed the research for the necessary items you are supposed to create, for example, to create a Rubedite Mace with legendary traits for training and in the Hist Bark set and in the style of Aldmeri Dominion requires you to have researched the trait for training for Maces and have enough tempers to create a legendary item. And have the correct motif page for that style. (some styles require you to have completed all research for traits for that item. Each item has a max of 9 traits) The higher the level of the item, the more writ vouchers you get. It took me well over a year to complete all the research and get all the motifs available for all styles (apart from two that you can only get at certain times of year and only via the crown store and basically cost over 30 each). You can buy most motif pages/books via guild stores for as little as a few hundred gold pieces, right up to a couple of hundred thousand gold pieces depending on how rare they are. You can also buy some motif pages with the writ vouchers you earn for completing master writs. The example I quoted above would earn you 80 writ vouchers which is excellent. Jewelry writs earn a lot more writ vouchers and are considerably cheaper to purchase via guild stores, but the tempers for jewelry are much rarer and to buy, and cost a fortune, for example, one Zircon plating costs around 25K to purchase and you need 3plates to complete a master jewelry writ using Zircon. To create a legendary ring, you need 4 Chromium plates which can cost over 150K each. So, to create a legendary ring could cost you 600K. To collect chromium plates, can take forever as you require 10 chromium grains to create one plate. I only get one grain every five or seven basic jewelry wits completed, which takes roughly 8 to 10 weeks just for one plate. Though you can also get grains by refining materials or deconstructing items, however, it can take hundreds of materials just to get one grain. This explains why jewellery master writs are relatively cheap compared to other master writs (for each writ voucher you can pay as little as 13 gold pieces per writ for master jewelry writs; whereas for all the others i.e. woodworking, enchanting, provisioning, alchemy, metalworking and clothing you can pay 500g or more gold for each writ voucher. The most common Master writs are relatively easy to complete, but only give you 2 writ vouchers, whereas the best jewelry voucher can be as high as 260 vouchers.

There are hundreds of guides covering every aspect of The Elder Scrolls. I would recommend reading these and watching lots of videos to give you a better idea of what ESO offers (there's so much, I've been playing this game regularly since it was released with almost 7000 hours of gameplay via two accounts (When ESO was released on Steam I purchased a second copy as I prefer playing via Steam and then game my original copy to my daughter), a significant amount of that 7K hours was over the last year (Oct 2007 to the present), and I've still to discover so much and have hardly scratched the surface when it comes to the alliance War, battlefields and most of the veteran dungeons. I'm still at the stage where I'm trying to create characters from the 8 we have as default that enables me to explore all parts of Tamriel. you'll find loads of help towards creating ideal characters via the various websites dedicated to ESO. Steam has a good section on various guides; for example, a Tank or Healer etc, and which armor types to use, what skill lines to follow etc.

That said; I just jumped into the game when it was in beta back in 2014 and picked up things as I played. The former method is probably better as I missed many things over the first few years due to ignoring the guides and website advice; for example, I didn't join any guilds until last year. (three years into the game). Guilds are very useful for so many things, i.e. making friends, help with developing your character, or just general advice on all aspects of the game, and more importantly selling gear you pick up from your quests, treasure chests etc. You can make a lot of gold by selling stuff you pick up via the guilds, for example, I bought a legendary ring via the guild store for 690K and then resold it for just under a million gold pieces. (Tamriel Trade Centre is a brilliant addon as it gives you up to date info on how much items are selling for, plus there are hundreds of add-ons for all aspects of the game. The more add-ons you use, the slower the game can become when traveling between places or entering dungeons (my daughter has no add-ons installed and when using a Wayshrine travels in less than 4 seconds, whereas I have tons of add-ons installed and it can take 30 or 40 seconds to respawn. You can turn off addons via the games menu system, so it's worth installing all those you fancy using; then disable them until you need them. Also, Zenimax runs specials virtually every month celebrating the anniversaries of the various DLC releases, the game's release, Halloween, Christmas and midsummer celebrations, where you get double experience for everything you do and pick up custom rewards etc, pets, motif pages, recipes, and even mounts. The previous celebration (about the Summerset add-on) several weeks ago, we were awarded a pet, mount and a brilliant chateau (home) for free. All, you had to do was complete a specific achievement that took about 20 – 30 minutes. A certain number of community members had to get the achievement for all the rewards to unlock, which we did. The larger homes are better because you can place more of the objects you find in the game such as furniture, paintings etc. Of course, you need to own the DLC to be able to partake in each of the anniversaries, though not all are related to the DLC’s so those with just the base game can also benefit. If you subscribe to ESO plus, you get all the DLC free apart from the recently released add-ons such as Summerset and Orsinium. (you can now get Orsinium via the Crown store.

p.s. I hope this answers your query?

Last edited by whiterabbit01 : 11/08/18 at 08:50 AM. Reason: spelling mistakes plus adding more info about addons and guilds
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He may be asking how to view the numeric value of hp on a target.
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To find the health a player has, use GetUnitPower(string unitTag, number CombatMechanicType powerType), which returns: number current, number max, number effectiveMax

Unit Tag is a string which identifies what you want to query. For example, to find the player's health, use 'player', use 'group1', 'group2' for group members, 'boss' for the boss, 'target' for what the reticle is looking at. Note that if using /script, target won't work since you're not 'looking' at anything while the chat entry is open.

CombatMechanicType is a constant, which can be found here: https://wiki.esoui.com/Globals#CombatMechanicType

You'd want to use POWERTYPE_HEALTH for the health.

Originally Posted by [/COLOR
p.s. I hope this answers your query?

Given this is the 'General Authoring Discussion' forum, under the Developer Discussions category, I think it extremely likely that this does not answer his query at all, and there's a good chance he's an experienced player to boot.
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