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Patch 1.2.3: Veteran Crypt of Hearts


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.2.3. This version contains our second major content update, the introduction of the new Veteran Crypt of Hearts dungeon, as well as many other fixes and refinements to gameplay, quests, and more. We have also added a new FOV slider for first-person view, and improved the overall interaction with the world.

Veteran Crypt of Hearts Dungeon
FOV Slider
Pick up Armor and Weapons
Improved Interior Lighting
Light Jerkins
Solo vs Group Content Callouts

Of immediate interest for our community:


Guild Store
  • The Guild Store has had several updates done to make it easier to filter items:
  • It is now possible to filter by Veteran Rank ranges in the Guild Store. The button appears to the left of the level range label and, when clicked, will change the level range to a VR range.
  • Weapons and Armor can now be filtered by Trait.
  • Crafting materials can now be filtered more easily. This update adds support for more detailed criteria when looking for an item for a given profession.
  • For example, in Blacksmithing you can now specify what you’re looking for relevant to Blacksmithing: Motifs, Style Materials, a specific Armor/Weapon Trait, Raw Materials, Refined Materials, and Tempers.
  • Food is no longer listed in two places in the filters. It now only shows up under the Consumables category.
  • When performing a new filter, the page is reset to page 0.
  • When going to the next/previous page in filter results, the scroll bar now resets to the top of the page.
  • Fixed an issue where the map would not zoom properly in Belkarth.
  • Map pins for other player characters in your group will now appear in their proper locations.
  • Fixed an issue in various areas where quest pins would not match up between the map and compass.
  • Updated the Spindleclutch map to more accurately reflect the space.
  • Updated the map of Loriasel to be more accurate.
  • All areas of Earth Forge are now included on the map.

  • Clarified the tooltip for Armor of the Seducer.
  • Edited the tooltip text for the Mage Trial Set bonus.
  • Updated the combat tips so they better reflect the correct key presses after rebinding the associated keys.
Source and Full Patch Notes

I am getting in touch with Zenimax to see if we can get some information on the changes to the API. I'll update this as appropriate.
[Edit] Okay, I just heard back from Zenimax and I 'should' have API notes by tomorrow.

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