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Unhappy "Destinations" Not Showing Group Dungeon Bosses On Map

I thought maybe it was an addon conflict, BUT I disabled all of my other addons and libraries and Destinations still did not show bosses on the map for group dungeons.
I've checked my settings over and over, and delves and public dungeons show the bosses on the map, but group dungeons do not. I know they're supposed to. Maybe not for all dungeons, especially the newer ones, but definitely for the much older dungeons.

I even tried reinstalling Destinations.

Has anyone else ever had this issue? Does anyone else know of a fix or some steps I should take to try to rectify or troubleshoot the issue?

Edit/Update: So... apparently, Destinations doesn't, and has never, marked bosses in group dungeons. I guess I must have had a different addon a long time ago that did, but now it doesn't exist anymore. Lame.

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Try using this add-on instead of using the Destinations add-on:


Map Pins not only shows dungeon bosses, it shows the ones you have already killed IF you set your map filters to show both icons.

FYI, I suggest that you use either Destinations or Map Pins but not both because together they can use up a lot of your CPU cycles and they basically do the same things.
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Unhappy Map Pins Didn't Show Me Group Dungeon Bosses Either.

Hmmm. I tried map pins and it didn't show me group dungeon bosses either.
It only showed me the same ones that Destinations shows. Public dungeons and delves. But not GROUP dungeon bosses. Which is what I'm wanting.
Map Pins shows you group dungeon bosses?
Say, you queued for a dungeon using the group finder, got into the dungeon... you see boss markers on your map?
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