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I am fairly new to ESO and AddOns. Is there an add on that automatically picks up your loot, that gives you your dps and lets you know that you have already read books?
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Addons are usually single functionality/related functionality. You're looking for 3 addons.

I'm not sure what you mean by autolooting, but if you're just saying you want to be able to interact with something and have it automatically take all: that's a game setting. If you want some sort of zero interaction, radial automatic collecting of everything: not possible.

You can show and share your dps with various addons:

I'm sure there are more

The best book addon would be
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Expanding on Rhyono's answer a bit;

For picking up loot, there's indeed a built-in setting to loot everything close with one button.

For showing DPS, I recommend Combat Metric's live meter. Gives a lot of detailed info on fights too.

For read books, you get a notification every time you find a new book already. No notification means already read. But if you're running around collecting lore books then a pin addon does help. I suggest Map Pins for an all-in-one pins solution.
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About damage share, I'd say most groups nowadays use Hodor Reflexes in combination with Combat Metrix for that.

Meaning, Combat Metrix (cmx) shows your dps and percentage of groups dps and Hodor Reflexes, among other things, lets you share your dps to other players who have the also installed the same addon.
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