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Video Settings


currently we have three video modes.
* Fullscreen
* Window Fullscreen
* Window

Depending on my playstile and char I like to switch often between these modes.
So one char is mainly in Window Fullscreen, the others in Fullscreen.

I thaught about a way so make this more comfortable then using the ingame settings.
So I looked into the usersettings.txt after changing the video mode.
SET FULLSCREEN_v5 "0" Window
SET FULLSCREEN_v5 "1" Window (Fullscreen)
SET FULLSCREEN_v5 "2" Fullscreen

Is there any chance to use the API for switching ingame the video mode?
In that case I'd try to write an addon for it.

If not, is there a way to call the eso64.exe with different usersettings.txt -files.
Like a starting parameter?

Thanks for helping in advance.

Currently I use some batchfiles to replace the usersettings.txt first and run the exe afterwards. However, via API would be the better way.

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