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[outdated] Housing API - Visitor/LimVis read-only access furniture pos./orien./state

Proposed User Stories

As a homeowner, I want to configure custom effects - such as animations, sound effects, attached messages or notes - that are linked to and activate through targeting of, or by proximity to, designated furniture item(s).

As a visitor, I want to access the configuration data for the homeowner's custom effects, communicated via the specific placements of these furniture items by the homeowner.

Benefits and Features

The community has given a huge amount of awesome feedback and a ton of great ideas that could definitely be made a reality with a few API changes outlined further below. These features include:
  1. Interactive player housing-based games made possible via awareness of the items and their specific placement throughout the home.
  2. Bulletins that, when nearby and targeted, would prompt the visitor's add-on to display a list of homes on the current tour for easy jumping to the next or previous house.
  3. Items with attached Sound Effects that play upon interaction with, or proximity or distance to or from the item.
  4. Items with associated Visual Effects that activate via proximity or targeting.
  5. Attaching messages to specific items.

Change Request
(with emphasis on the "thank you for everything you've already given us to date," "pretty please," and "if you have time" parts, of course. )

To support these user stories, might you be able to enable Visitors and Limited Visitors** access to the following Housing API functions while in other players' homes:
  1. GetNextPlacedHousingFurnitureId
  2. GetPlacedHousingFurnitureInfo
  3. HousingEditorGetFurnitureOrientation
  4. HousingEditorGetFurnitureWorldPosition
  5. HousingEditorGetFurnitureWorldBounds
  6. GetPlacedHousingFurnitureNumObjectStates
  7. GetPlacedHousingFurnitureCurrentObjectStateIndex
  8. GetPlacedFurniturePreviewVariationDisplayName (to determine the meaning of the state index)
  9. HousingEditorRequestChangeState ** Excluding the Limited Visitor role
  10. GetPlacedFurnitureParent
  11. GetPlacedFurnitureChildren
And, if possible, these Housing Events:

Thank you so much for all that you do!

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