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[open] Calander Request

In this thread and rather then question why it would be a good idea, I thought I would ask instead. I don't personally need this, it's just the user request. Although I want to advocate for the user so he can't say I didn't try hard enough.

So with that said, would Zenimax be willing to make event information available such that Events were known well in advance. "Well" meaning you would know approximately when the Halloween event would be in January. The UI would know the specific date so the Lua code or mod made by an author would not need to change.

All the information would always show the tentative date and if things changed, if the event was extended, then the calendar would reflect the information from the API information returned by GetUpcommingEvents() UI and return a table with the information. Then the UI would auto update based on the information from the API.


event_table = {
    [1] = { begin = cdate, end = cdate, name ="Name Of Event", event _type }
Myrthian would like to know if that would be possible?

EDIT: Even though I said I don't need this I do notice there isn't any kind of weekly event. We have X amount of events for the year. You get the event tickets to perchance berries, feathers, furniture, and stuff from the event vendor. But you only get the tickets during the event.

For example there is no Double XP week, Double AP week, Double gold looted week, more frequent chests week, and so on. There are no weekly or weekend events.

I don't see the need for a calendar unless you were going to implement small general weekly events. However, small weekly events might be nice.

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