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[open] Request for funcs: IsUnitBlocking/Sprinting/Mounted & EVENT_X_STATE_CHANGED

With the changes to the way Block and Sprint functionality work there's no longer a buff displayed for when a player or target is blocking, or a combat event when a player is sprinting or mount sprinting.

I'd like to propose a few functions AND/OR events to determine whether a unitTag is blocking and if possible it might be nice to have this expanded to mount & sprint as well. This would match the API functionality available for stealth state changes that is available.

The following events would be needed:
EVENT_BLOCK_STATE_CHANGED(number eventCode, string UnitTag, boolean IsBlocking) 
EVENT_SPRINT_STATE_CHANGED(number eventCode, string UnitTag, boolean IsSprinting)
EVENT_MOUNT_STATE_CHANGED(number eventCode, string UnitTag, boolean IsMounted)
The following functions would be needed:
IsUnitBlocking(string unitTag)
Returns: boolean IsBlocking
IsUnitSprinting(string unitTag)
Returns: boolean IsSprinting
IsUnitMounted(string unitTag)
Returns: boolean IsMounted 
As a side note the functions/events we currently have available are quite limited, as we can only use a function to check if the player is blocking or mounted, or get event updates for when the player mounts or dismounts:
Returns: boolean active
Returns: boolean mounted
EVENT_MOUNTED_STATE_CHANGED (number eventCode, boolean mounted) 
EDIT: I just realized the current IsBlockActive() function seems to return true when the player is holding the block input, not only if they are actively blocking. It returned true while I was holding block while I was stunned. Man... I really hate that the buff effects for these abilities were removed.

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I want to second and push this ...
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05/04/21, 07:52 PM   #3
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I would also love this to be added
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