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Game Bugs if Player receives ToT-Invite while in endscreen of previous match

This is a general issue and not directly related to the addon API, so I am not sure if this is the correct place to post about it. If there is a better place let me know and I will repost it.

How to cause the bug to occur:
Invite a player to a ToT-Match, while they are still in one of the "match over" screens of their previous match.

With Match Over screens i refer to any screen that is shown after a match end.

The player who send the invitation receives the message: "Cant invite this player to a ToT match cause they are playing against another opponent".

The game of the player who received the invitation (and was still in one of the screens) bugged out. In this case this means:
  • couldnt do any actions like skills, roll dodge etc.
  • couldnt use any wayshrines
  • couldnt get to the menu to quit the game

there were probably more things not working, but this is what we noticed. In general the player couldnt do anything anymore.

A reload fixed some problmes, such as not being abple to get to the menu, but most issues persisted.
When trying to send another ToT invitation to the bugged out player, the same message as above was received. So the game appears to still think the player was in a ToT Match.

A relog of the character was necessary to get things back to normal.
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