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[open] Open EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT source/target from non-player

I'd like to request a modification to the way EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT displays data for us (in PVE only).

Currently any event not interacting directly with the player (targeted to or sourced from) provides no information other than the name and id.

I'd like to request that (source/target) event data be exposed for any part of combat events that don't involve a player (excluding damage).

With this change, an example:
If Caster Mob 1 targets another player with Fire Rune - the resulting combat events will show the sourceName, sourceType, and sourceUnitId. However the target is still a player so targetName, targetType, and targetUnitId information would be obfuscated, as well as the hitValue.

If Party Member 1 targets the Caster Mob 1 with Fiery Whip and hits them - the resulting combat event will show no source information or damage value, but will show the targetName, targetType, and targetUnitId of Caster Mob 1.
Obfuscating damage values outside of our own events means we can't log the damage being done, only determine what events are happening to what npcs around us (while still completely leaving other players out of the equation outside of being able to tell when they apply a CC/interrupt on an npc).


The reason I'm requesting this change is in order to allow interrupt detection for a component of LuiExtended that displays a warning when an ability is being cast. Currently if this ability directly targets me and I interrupt it - I have the relevant combat information to display a notification I've interrupted the ability - but if another player does so - then I can't.

I also don't get relevant information from the MANY abilities in the game that target a dummy/location (whether its radial aoe's like whirlwinds or conal attacks) so I can't match up UnitId's to determine if I've interrupted the enemy.


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