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[open] EVENT_EFFECT_CHANGED sourceType issue with new Major/Minor buff handling

EVENT_EFFECT_CHANGED (number eventCode, MsgEffectResult changeType, number effectSlot, string effectName, string unitTag, number beginTime, number endTime, number stackCount, string iconName, string buffType, BuffEffectType effectType, AbilityType abilityType, StatusEffectType statusEffectType, string unitName, number unitId, number abilityId, CombatUnitType sourceType)
I was having an issue on the PTS with some buffs/debuffs not displaying on LUIE today (I filter by COMBAT_UNIT_TYPE_PLAYER to make sure only abilities the player casts are tracked).

After looking into it, I discovered certain major/minor debuffs are returning a CombatUnitType of COMBAT_UNIT_TYPE_NONE instead of COMBAT_UNIT_TYPE_PLAYER.

However - if I use GetUnitBuffInfo(unitTag) to get the buffs on the player/target however, the CastByPlayer boolean returns as true for these effects.

So far at the very least I know Minor Mangle from Pulsar, Minor Protection from Frost Impulse (and the morphs) & some of the status effect procs have this issue. It doesn't effect everything - for example - Critical Surge and potions I've tried that have Major effects have worked so far.

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