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No Treasure For You!!!!

Me loves me some addons and they all are beautiful, brilliantly created and work great BUT for some strange reason every single cotton pickin addon I addon related to treasure maps, treasure or chest finding Does Not Work.


Did the dev team or publishers of ESO decide to cut us all off when it came to Treasure Finding????

Here is a list of all the Treasure goodness that Does Not Work when I install with Minion:
(but every other dog gone addon works perfectly save these)

Lost Treasure
Lost Treasure Update
Treasure Map
Harvest Map
Chest Master 9000


Sky Shards, Quests, Lorebooks, Destinations all worketh fine... so what the F^&* is up??

Oh and here are some bananas just for fun
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02/13/16, 01:10 PM   #2
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No help for you!!!

Thanks for no help.
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02/17/16, 04:58 PM   #3
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Lost Treasures does work. You have to have the map in your inventory before it does anything. At that point, it places an X on the map.

Chest Master 9000 will keep track of treasure chests you find... AFTER you find them. You'll then be able to go back to those points and if the chest has respawned, you'll be able to pick/loot it.

Harvest Map works the same as Chest master 9000, but for resource nodes.

I'm unsure about the others you listed.

Forums are not instantaneous, and many times when people have no experience with the subject of a question they will simply not answer instead of saying "Sorry, I don't know." I just checked the forums for the first time in several days, so I'm now answering you.
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02/19/16, 02:49 AM   #4
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Thanks for no help.
Wow, you gave all the ppl here a whole day to "solve" your problem

One advice:
Read the addon descriptions PROPERLY and they will tell you how it works.
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