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Let's help Phinix, shall we?

I guess most people will agree that Azurah and Srendarr are must have addons.

Just in case people missed it, this is what Phinix posted semi-recently:

Originally Posted by Phinix
Hi all,

Just a quick update to let everyone know, I will not be able to work on any updates for the foreseeable future. As some may know I am disabled and get no help from the government, and have not been playing for a while as I can't afford to keep my sub up anymore, which I can't stand playing without due to losing the crafting bag.

More serious however, is my main video card has died in the summer heat, and I have no way to replace it. The laptop I have left is a Dell Latitude running Linux I got on ebay for $68 last year and would have trouble even booting up WoW on low graphics settings.

Thanks for your understanding and support. If I miraculously win the lottery, I will try and take a look at any/all reports.


I think this is a ****ty situation. I've only played the game for a month, but already I know I wouldn't be able to without these addons Phinix is (co?)author of. Therefore, I decided to send him measly $20 donation.
Perhaps if other people send something as well, he could get a new graphic card and enjoy the game again?
Think about it. A few bucks alone is nothing, but if you multiply it by several people, in the end it's significant.
There's a donation button/tab on both the addons. Consider sending something!

If I was from the U.S., I'd simply buy reasonable 2nd hand card and send it to him, but this is unfortunately unfeasible. Thus, I just sent money. Someone else, however... who knows.

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