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DK pro

Tower Defense games are a long time staple genre with their roots in modded Warcraft and Starcraft maps. They’re now some of the best free online games available to play right now. The premise is to build towers along a route to kill hordes of enemies before they reach your base. This has been done a million different ways in the years that the genre has existed, but each game manages to put their own unique spin on things to keep it fresh. Let’s look at the top 5 free online tower defense games that can be played right from your browser, with no downloading required.

Click here to find out: https://www.facebook.com/freeonlinegamesmantigames/posts/778397552491697


An oldie but a goodie. GemCraft has to be the king of this genre. It has been around for over a decade and has several incarnations. The games are available to play through the app store or directly through your browser for free with no download required. We’d love this even game even more if we could play with our friends in the browser...

Click here for more: https://sites.google.com/view/bestfreeonlinegames/short-reviews-of-top-best-online-games-free-fun-to-play-now

GemCraft is a tower defense game with its own unique twists on the genre. The basic gameplay involves facing waves of enemies until a boss wave is reached, defeating the boss and moving on to the next world. Gems come in various colors and each color represents a specific attack trait. For example: blue gems apply a chilling slow, red gems apply a burning, damage over time debuff, etc. Where things get interesting is when you start leveling up your gems. Combine two of the same to create and extra powerful gem of that color - combine two different colors and mix the various abilities into one gem. Now your purple gem (red plus blue) can both slow, and damage enemy creeps. You’ll need more than just brawn to win these free online games.

The RPG overworld element of the game is surprisingly deep. As players progress they will unlock new talents and skill that help them get the better of even more powerful foes. On top of this there is a decent story to keep things interesting.

Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense has to be mentioned because it has been around for so long and there are so many versions of it. Easily one of the best browser games you can play online, maybe of all time! You can find the game in any app store or simply play from your browser for free. You don’t need to download anything, just start playing!
Use cute little monkeys equipped with knives to destroy the evil balloons from floating their way along the set path to your base. Later you will be able to upgrade to cannons and spike launchers as well. There is no shortage of unique weapons in Bloons.

Each new version of Bloons that comes out looks graphically superior to the last, and adds new enemies, towers and maps. The gameplay remains constant and reliable, however, as Bloons
continues to be one of the most recognizable titles in this genre. Check out one or all of these enjoyable TD games on Manti Games now!

Read more here: https://steemit.com/games/@mantigames/collection-of-new-online-games-to-play-free-now-on-pc-browser

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a classic example of the Tower Defense genre. It’s possibly one of the most popular games and probably one of the best of recent years. The title sports a solid mix of archers, mages, bombardiers and melee units. The most exciting and unique trait of Kingdom Rush is that you can place both Hero units and standard militia units on the paths and direct them around the map to fight for you. Many Tower Defense games only allow for the building of towers and do not incorporate micromanaging of individual units on the field.
This adds a new level gameplay and also makes the game more interactive. Units are a great way to stop enemy forces in their tracks and force them to fight. This gives your towers time to put in massive damage. Be careful not to get your king killed while he fights for you on the battlefield! Use all your wits in this online game.
An upgrade system adds an element of freedom and strategic planning outside of battle. How will you build your troops and king in order to get the most productivity out of them?
There are many games that have tried to emulate the style of Kingdom Rush, but this game has ironed out all the kinks, plays smoothly and invites you to experience what a true TD game
should feel like. Use patience and strategy to get to the end of this one.

Click this link for more: https://www.mindtalk.com/channel/pcgamer/post/top-hottest-free-online-games-you-can-play-now-on-1062626499770716289.html

Day D Tower Rush

Day D Tower Rush is a free online tower defense game. Play straight through your browser without having to download a thing. Experience dozens of levels, hordes of different enemy types and tons of weapons with different abilities.

Day D starts like many other Tower Defense games. Players fight terrifyingly easy waves of enemies with basic towers on a level where it’s virtually impossible to lose. The game picks up in the later levels, however. Once you have unlocked all the weapons on each stage it will be up to you how you use them on the map.

Proper placement and tower type will be essential for victory. Don’t waste money upgrading the wrong towers or the dinosaurs will break your base!

The most interesting mechanic in Day D Tower Rush is that players advance through various stages of evolution. It’s one of the reasons that the best free online games are so popular! In the beginning of the game players can only take down dinosaurs with sticks and rocks in the form of crossbow and stone launcher turrets. As the age progresses players will unlock more modern weapons, but the dinosaurs will also be equipped with upgrades of their own!

Bieber Tower of Hair Defense

Bieber Tower of Hair Defense is a good example of how quirky free online browser games can be. Who would think of something like this? Well someone did.

In this Tower D game, your “base” is Justin Bieber. Specifically his hair since I guess that has special importance. The “enemies” are crazy Bieber fans who scream and rush their way onto the red carpet in an effort to touch their idol and savior, Justin Bieber. Your job is to install as much security as possible to stop these fans from reaching the star. Your tower choices include Italian Security and rapper, Ludacris. Towers gain experience with each “kill” and automatically level up and become more powerful.

While this is not the most technical TD game it certain grabs your attention and will probably provide a few laughs if nothing else. This fun game is of course available for free through your browser.

For more information: https://stampsy.com/user/133425/latest/66013

Overall, these are some of the coolest games to play by yourself. One day we hope there’ll be some multiplayer Tower Defense games to play with you friends. Imagine that, a game where one person plays the defender and the other plays the attacker.

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You can look at online videos + gear set and skill builds like shown on this page:
These are PvE and PvP builds:

Be sure to check the headline of each entry if it's PvP or PvE!

You decide what you like to play, stamina, magicka, tanky, dd.
Have fun
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