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Library load-order dependency in DolgubonsLazyWritCreator

Today I upgraded DolgubonsLazyWritCreator to version

After that, at login or /reloadui I would get these instructions:

[20:25] Libraries not found. Please do the following, especially if you use Minion to manage your addons:
[20:25] 1. Open Minion and uninstall both the Writ Crafter and the RU Patch for the Writ Crafter, which may have been automatically installed by Minion
[20:25] - To uninstall, right click the addon in Minion, and choose uninstall
[20:25] 2. Then, reinstall the Writ Crafter, and reinstall the RU patch if desired.
Which instructions I faithfully followed, with and without intervening /reloadui commands and with and without intervening cold game restarts and even a Windows reboot, several times.

The source says the libraries that are not being found are one or more of LibStub, LibLazyCrafting, LibAddonMenu-2.0; but I have all of those installed and up to date.

Eventually I went back to version 2.5.5 and it worked. Comparing the two versions (2.5.5 and of DolgubonsLazyWritCreator.txt I noticed that the following library dependencies were commented out in the new version but not in the old:

; libs\LibStub\LibStub.lua
; libs\LibAddonMenu-2.0\LibAddonMenu-2.0.lua
; libs\LibLazyCrafting\LibLazyCrafting.lua
; libs\LibLazyCrafting\Enchanting.lua
; libs\LibLazyCrafting\Smithing.lua
; libs\LibFeedback\feedback.lua
On a hunch I took the semicolons out to make these lines match the versions in 2.5.5 and my problem went away.

I conclude that the version with the semicolons works if the libraries happen to have already been loaded by another add-on. But not in my case.

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You need to load the libraries as standalone libraries, installead seperately not coming with any addon.
Like download them from the links here and add them to your AddOns folder liek all other addons are handled:

Inside the addon which depen ont hem the txt file needs an entry "##DependsOn: LibStub LibAddonMenu-2.0" e.g.

And the folders you have downloaded as standalone libraries/addons need a txt file where the lib/addon is loaded from (which in your example was done via the Dolgubon addon but using internally shipped copies of the libraies in the "libs" subfolder -> embedded/bundled libraries).

If other addons include/bundle the same libraries and load them before your addon gets loaded everything is fine, right. But not if the lines are commented or someone forgot to add the ##DependsOn: tag in the txt file with the library/addon names it depends on.
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Same issue. Nothing I have done has managed to make it work again. Sucks because it is such a great add on!
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Inside the addon which depen ont hem the txt file needs an entry "##DependsOn: LibStub LibAddonMenu-2.0" e.g.
The ##DependsOn line is commented out so that you do not get any warning that you are missing the new library dependencies.

Once you install the new libraries LibLazyCrafting and LibFeedback (either with Minion or manually as you prefer), you should then check your enabled addons list to make sure that DogulbonsLazyWritCreator is still checked (mine had somehow gotten unchecked). Finally /reloadui
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This issue should be fixed in the new version of the addon.
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