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Specific Achievement Tracking


I have some C#/C+, HTML and Java experience. I have slight knowledge in structure, XML, and how to read through/understand documents of code. I however have never messed with/used/read Lua, other than knowing it existed i hadn't ever looked into it. I have followed a few tutorials and have a basic understanding (kind of) but im not sure how to proceed.


I guess the start point is tracking the achievement itself, which is ID:1956

as i understand it, i need to use EVENT_HANDLER to handle the event itself. I believe i need to write a function it would need to call (maybe checking progress gained?). The goal is to have a bar readout current amount out of max. I looked through Wykkd's stuff and an out of date tracker but it covers far more stuff than i need to cover (as its only covering one achievement). Im completely new to LUA and im struggling to figure it out.

I dont want to have you guys write it out for me, but if you do, a solid explanation of what/why and how it works would be much help, im a bit lost. I feel like i can figure out XML myself, but this LUA stuff confuses me.

Thanks guys
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So, I assume that you've checked out basic Lua tutorials and that the main issues are with ESO's API. If you let us know exactly what's confusing, might be able to give more targeted help.

If you know Lambda functions from Java then that's pretty much the same as Lua's functions.

You'll want to call EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent(stringIdentifier, eventConstant, functionToRunOnEvent). StringIdentifier is well anything, though it should be unique. Doesn't matter too much as long as it's unique tho. eventConstant, check out https://wiki.esoui.com/Events, specifically probably https://wiki.esoui.com/Events#Achievements. Finally, the function is the meat of it, it'll be run anytime the event happens. See the events page for what the parameters that get passed to it are.
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