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Exchange Trap<-> Channeled Acceleration Keybind

Hi there,

I try to do this with Alphagear at the moment, but that consumes 2sets and bars in there.
Similar to how Assisst Rapid Riding slots rapids onto a specified slot, I'd like to have an addon that allows me to swap between Rearming Trap and Channeled acceleration per 1 hotkey. (The auto-reslotting on cooldown is not needed)

I think it wouldn't be necesssary to check which of the 2 skills is slotted at the moment, you could just press the button again. Would be interesting though if it could "find" the skillslot automatically, but setting it manually seems way easier to realize.

Reason for this is prebuffing with channeled before pulls, to then later use trap.

Maybe there are more uses, so it could also be set bars, that are cycled through (on backbar only?).

I'm also gonna ask the ARR author if I can slaughter his code and try a bit myself. But ESO might work flawless before I manage to write an addon XD
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I get the idea but this would somehow be a bit too much as it would enable you to use 1, or several other skills before fight, to buff, isn't it?
It would be possible but I personally do not liek this to happen (as ppl will sometime also manage to make it a standard again...).

I think you can use AlphaGear2 for this and just use the different profiles (n profiles * 16 sets and skills) if you need more slots and sets.
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It would not enable me, it would just make it more comfortable.

Its common already in pulls where you wait before spawn (rakkhat, zmaja, vmol 1st boss). Groups pushing for score even use jorvulds and whatever setups before the fight just to shortly buff some stats.

I order usually use 1 profile per trial, but this is something thats not trial specific, but basically the same for every of my DDs.
And swapping profiles mid trial would be a bit confusing :-/
Actually... the "toggle last 2 profiles" could work nicely...

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