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Exclamation Read this before posting in Bug Reports

Bug Reports is a forum for addon authors to communicate their findings in regards to the user interface to ZOS. If you are not an addon author, please refrain from posting to this forum!

The list uses a few tags to keep it organized:
  • [open] - newly added bug reports will get marked as open until their state changes
  • [notabug] - if something is not a bug it is marked as not-a-bug
  • [fixed] - once something has been fixed in the game it will get marked as fixed
  • [outdated] - if there is no reaction to a bug report after a year, it will be marked as outdated and closed

This means until a bug report has a clear outcome it stays open for up to a year.
Feel free to bump open reports you feel are still relevant, or if you see an outdated report just create a new thread and link to the previous one.

When posting a new bug report, please keep the following things in mind:
  • Only one bug per thread - this is so the thread stays on topic and the tags can be applied properly
  • Test it with all addons disabled - only bugs that can be reproduced with addons disabled should be posted in this forum (or if you can only reproduce it in combination to an addon, make sure to post the download link for it)
  • Investigate the cause and effect of the bug - Just writing "x is broken" will get the thread deleted. Fill in as many details as possible to make it clear why something is not working as expected and how it could potentially be fixed. Otherwise you can just use the ingame /bug command or post it on the official forums
  • Keep it short and concise - Real people with little time need to read your post. if it is a wall of text it might happen that some important parts get skipped
  • Stay nice and constructive - That's the only way to get anyone to listen to you

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